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    They definitely change the way we seek entertainment and even get our info. Radio and TV have taken a step back. Podcasts you can get anywhere.

    GH article on the 30 best in 2020

    Some of my favorites are (in no paticular order):
    Post whatever podcast you like. IT could be a single episode of one you enyoyed, or a podcaster you are a fan of... I'm always looking for ideas.
    I watch Rogan's podcast a lot. Because of that, I have discovered a few other podcasts from his comedian friends that I occasionally watch, as well.

    I also loved Norm's podcast/show when it was up and running. So awesome and I wish that it would come back Cry

    Aside from that, I watch Ben Shapiro a bit, but mostly I just watch his videos when he is not DESTROYING liberals or some cringey shit like that. I just like him because he is smart, well-spoken, and represents the average Joe better than 90% of pundits I see and hear.

    Going back a ways, I watched what I consider to be the original podcast when Tom Green started the whole "just talk into a camera from your house" idea back in the day. I also listened to Kevin Smith's first ever SModcast back in the day, but I didn't stick with it. I love Kevin but I am not into comic books so much.

    Thanks for the link to the Mike Tyson podcast, @LZA— in the last few years, he has made huge changes in his life and I, for one, am extremely proud of what he has done to change himself. Was just watching a clip this morning where he talks about feeling like a loser because of the repression of his inner "tough guy." He is certainly an interesting man with an extremely interesting story.
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    Tom Green started the Jackass craze too! I will always be a fan of him. Kevin Smith, I never really got into. He seems like a down to Erth nice guy and very smart from what I heard.

    I was a fan of Tyson since the early days. My handle was Mike Tyson back in the old Commodore 64/BBS times in the 80s. Even when he was off the rails, people are allowed to make mistakes as long as they learn from it. He's shown he is much smarter and insightful than anyone would have thought. He's really into pot and tried DMT.

    Hey, coming from the place he came from, i'd be on edge too. Jordan Peterson said it's not the guy who just does good we can learn from, it's the guy who fell, who knows both good and evil and decides to do good are the people to respect.

    If Holyfield forgave him and bevame friends(he was on the podcast too), I have no right not too.
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    TAlking Sopranos with Bobby Bacala and Christafiaaaahhhh

    Looks great, I already subed to it before listening to the first one. Anything Sopranos is an automatic favorite. Looking forward to checking it out.

    Another podcast I like is one with AJ and Meadow, called Pajama Pants. This is their take on various things; not necessarily the show.

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    Patrick Bet David has a podcast called Valuetainment

    probably IMHO one of the MOST severely underrated podcasts out there.


    ^^^YT channel

    Like JOe, he runs the gamut of people, from Doctors to sports stars to mafia. Since he's a businessman, he also makes videos on things like Protecting your income during a recession, how Introverts can make it in business, CIA presence in China, etc...

    here is some for A-list clickbait...

    Definately worth checking out for a variety of topics... He's like JRE without the drugs...
    I watch joe rogan regularly
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    Another great podcast that TBH, I haven't been listening to as of late as I like my normal YT BS stuff and this never comes up in my alerts even though I subscribed...


    Like a professional JRE he has a plethora of different guests.

    Listen to Ice-T talk about freedom of speech on Social Media:

    There is also a website -  
    London Real - Transform Yourself
    With over half a billion views and 2 million subscribers, be...

    There is a podcast with David Icke about the corona, which I believe is the most-watched podcast EVER, but was scrubbed from YT which you can find
    David Icke - London Real
    no description

    Another good Podcast if you are looking for different rabbit holes to go down.
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    Nice ^

    I am watching a good bit of Tim Pool, lately. I just like how sharp he is and how much he knows about what is really goin on.

    News | Timcast
    no description
    yes,I like him

    Elon Musk is on JRE again!!!

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