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    Just curious, do you guys like watching sports? If so which sport & what teams do you like, and why do you like sports? I'd also like to hear from you folks who watch Futball (or as us Americans call it - Soccer). From what I understand, it's a really huge thing.

    I like watching sports mainly to give me something to talk about with friends. If my team wins, I like to rub it in their faces. If they lose I enjoy getting ribbed back. However, if my team doesn't win, I lose no sleep over it, but some people do. The way I think, the team isn't paying me so ultimately who cares. My friend called out of work when his team didn't make it to the Final Four...He was that upset.

    An example I can think of is the 2004 Major League Baseball American League playoffs between the Yankees & Red Sox. I'm a Yankee fan (because my father was, and I learned baseball from him). Yanks beat the sox the first 3 games, and everyone thought the Sox were going to lose the series. The Redsox came back, won every game since and shut out the Yankees. Holy Crap, did I hear it. But I was actually happy to see the Sox subsequently win the World Series & make history (I was a temporary Red Sox fan).

    Any way, here is my list:

    Baseball: New York Yankees
    Football: Chicago Bears
    Hockey: Boston Bruins
    Golf: Tiger Woods made me a fan, so I give my pick to him
    Boxing: Mike Tyson in his prime
    Basketball: I don't like the pro's much...My college team is UCONN

    I also think professional wrestling should be mentioned here. I know it's all planned out & choreographed, but these guys perform every night & the moves they take are real. Think about it; It's one thing to be strong enough to throw somebody around, but the amount of strength it takes to throw them around with such control that the other person doesn't get hurt??
    I gotta give it up.
    Looking back on this OP, I now appreciate soccer more. I rooted for Germany and they came through.

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