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  • Rant Fake Notifications Make Me Sick
    Any time that I visit any social media site, it is always the same thing: I see the icon showing 1-3 notifications, but when I click, none of it is anything I care about. On Facebook, it is some person I barely know updating their story, or some dude on my Facebook is "donating his birthday to a charitable cause". On LinkedIn, it is even worse. It is always, "We found a job that would be perfect for you!" When I click, I am almost always WAY under-qualified for the job, or it is in Nome, Alaska. 😒

    [Image: 6034.png]

    If you run a business page on Facebook, there is literally no way to make the notifications go away. You can click "mark all as read"...it doesn't matter. There is always a red indicator with at least one pending notification that may or may not exist.

    On Twitter, I usually always have around fifty notifications. Maybe three of them are something I care about— all of the rest are just telling me that someone posted. They didn't mention me, share my post, heart my post, nothing. They just posted. I mean, for crying out loud I will find it when I scroll!!!

    It is always all about money. The more clicks, the better.

    This really piss me off when I dont want to see this shit
    Have you ever gotten redundant notifications?

    I've gotten something, checked it out... Then got another notification but when I went to see it it was the same thing I just clicked on.

    And sometimes it doesn't notify you on others... Seems very selective. FB no longer notifies you of friend's new posts (other than scrolling through your timeline), but it's sure to let you know of the BS... Like you said, no $$ for clicking on friend's stuff...
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