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  • Faith, Religion, and the Afterlife.
    Ya, I'll ask the taboo question.

    I was born and raised Protestant, but later through experience, became non-denominational, since I couldn't see all of the good people / friends, who were Muslim, Jewish, whatever.

    Then when I started heavy into drugs I do have to say I've had some acid like type trips that got me thinking... Opened my mind up. I can't explain it really, but I know ALL of us (regardless of religion), whatever shit we are going through, are going to a much better place when we move on Heaven better than anyone can describe. You can call it what you want, a logical high or me just making sense out of all of it. I just wanted to share.

    Have you had any trippy out of body experiences, what is your faith? What allows you to sleep at night. See to me, thinking logically, the only other circumstance when you die is lights out, and by that time, you won't know it, so you won't care. so why not think for the best??

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