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    So, this fake Microsoft tech support called me 8 times in less than an hour. So, in return, I called them back over 20 times in 15 minutes Big Grin . It got to the point that they started to hang up on me immediately. Now, my first indication that this was a scam was the fact they said my Microsoft key had expired. I don't have a windows computer, I have a MacBook. Second, when I tried to ask to talk to a supervisor, they immediately hung up, or wanted to know why, and when I told them it was because I had been hung up on 3 times in less than 5 minutes, they wanted to know what my other problem was. apparently being hung up on isn't valid enough reason to talk to a supervisor. anyway, it got to the point that the 6th time I called, I said before you hang up, let me ask a question. Is there anything you want to say about hanging up on me 5 times? the response: Lets make this 6 times. so, 15 calls later, I ask if they're going to take me off the call list now. "Yes, I am getting tired of this call". so, 10 minutes later, I get another call. so, I call back. they answer, I tell them to take me off the list, he says he will. I tell him if I get another call, I'm going to keep calling back. "Sir, if you keep calling back I will just keep hanging up". Ok, I can keep calling you all day. Hangs up on me. 10 minutes later, I get a call. I call back: so, John, you lied to me, you said you were going to take me off the list. His response: Hang.Up.The.Phone.Now. hangs up on me. so I call back, and they've blocked my number from calling in, and yet I still receive calls from the automated number. 800-360-0998. Ask for John LMAO
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