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    I never switched... When I went from IE to FF I fell in love and never felt the need to change. I don't think I'll ever change from FF
    I've never switched, either.

    Like you, I started using Firefox when Internet Explorer was basically the only browser I'd ever used before. I honestly don't even remember how I heard of it.

    A few years ago, I took the time to learn how to create plugins for Fx. I have only created one public offering, but in the time I spent working on it, I learned a lot more about Mozilla, and frankly, I liked what I found out. Just as a side note, the release of Firefox Quantum was something that Mozilla knew who have a hugely negative impact on their slice of the browser market, but went ahead with it anyway because it is good for the end-user, and good for the Internet.

    To me, that's what you want from a software developer: dedication to their art. This is why open source software is superior in many cases.

    Now, thousands of people are planning to head back to Fx, and because of their wise decision to restructure the product, they will be ready.

    Makes me smile Smile
    One thing these shithead companies like Facebook, Google, etc, know is how the majority of people are either lazy or aloof to the reality so sneaking in their predatory shit is no big deal... Even people who "think" that these sites are pulling shit, don't care because that's how it is...

    I for one was a die-hard IE person out of convenience of using what was provided without doing due diligence in finding out what was best. Now I'm conservative with it... Windows 10 from what I hear is bad, as well as far as drama, (I use 8.1), but I still use Microsoft stuff. I still use Google and Facebook. While Poli would tel me he converted to completely "off grid" (for lack of a better explanation) software. He opened me up to VLC (I was using WMP because I didn't think, but I like VLC better). And he used Linux and HATED Windows anything... I know Windows pulls shit, but I made the conscious decision to say fuck it because I actually like Windows stuff. But I commented to him, I like it because I'm used to it... When I worked, it was Windows stuff,,, When I came home, It was to Windows. People probably apply the same thought process to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... They are all BS since if you are not uber left, they censor your shit... Knowing this, I still use it anyway... Companies know most people share that so that party where they get there balls to pull it... Oh, he called it open-ended software too.

    iPhones, Alexa, Siri are the same fucking way. If you read this one may think I was delusional (one who is a sheep) but I KNOW there is monitoring. I remember being in my room talking to my son, mentioning the name Pasquale since that used to me ny nickname at work (since Chris was bothered too much for things, the joke was to call me Pasquale in an attempt to change my name). Wouldn't you know that I got spam email about diabetes (diabetes info is more proof they listen) and the name on the email was Pasquale!! FUCKERS!

    Just the other day I was on the phone with my eye doctor about sending me for a sleep apnea test. I did NOT research it, and now I'm getting emails and search suggestions about sleep apnea tests... It doesn't surprise me since that's how they are... Maybe I'm overreacting, but some sheep friends of mine tell me I'm looking too much into it but I know I'm right... The problem is I know I overreach, overreact and overthink so I can't disagree with them outright without them giving me a hard time. They laughed when I threw a fit when win 10 was going to automatically update and I was looking for a way to stop it. Probably my fault for asking my FB friends for help. Some of them thought I was overreacting and they said they "love windows 10". We're in the matrix as far as this shit. Even those who know, don't care. These companies know and are cashing in.

    So Google Chrome may lose some people, but it won't really hurt them and they know it.
    Here we go again.

    This time Google is stealing all of the Genius web site's traffic by scraping their (Genius') work and displaying it on the front page of the Google search. WTF

    Genius Hid A Morse Code Message In
    Song Lyrics To Prove Google Was Copying Them

    I mean...God damn, y'all.
    Quote:Facebook is vigorously defending itself against a lawsuit brought by the attorney general of the District of Columbia—so vigorously, in fact, that it's basically claiming not to be a social network at all.

    Facebook Denies Allegations That You
    Make Friends On Facebook
    Trying to read with my bad eyes... LOL

    But it looks like they are just blanket denying everything, almost like a 5th amendment tactic where you have to plead the 5th on everything.

    Not saying that's what it is, but what it sounds like and the only thing I can think of that makes any god dammed SENSE.

    There is no reason paragraph 11 needs to be denied on its own. They can even try to define the term "friends" to mold their manipulation...

    Further proof as to why I'm hating FB... I used to be on it every day, but the more I look into it, the less I like it.

    Nothing surprises me anymore... Where women can be called men and vice versa, where Social media and news sites are the opposite of unbiased... With the new culture of thinking anything is possible...Who knows; maybe i'm missing something?
    Now this is promising...

    Quote:Mark Zuckerberg has "repeatedly lied to the American people about privacy," Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said in a recent interview with the Willamette Week, a Portland alternative weekly newspaper. "I think he ought to be held personally accountable, which is everything from financial fines to—and let me underline this—the possibility of a prison term."

    Senator: Mark Zuckerberg Should Face
    “The Possibility Of A Prison Term”
    A now an antitrust investigation into Google is underway:

    48 U.S. States Launch Antitrust
    Investigation Into Google
    This is trending today. Apparently Facebook just lied and said that they stopped with these unethical practices.

    Quote:Facebook (Still) Letting Housing Advertisers Exclude Users by Race

    Last week, ProPublica bought dozens of rental housing ads on Facebook, but asked that they not be shown to certain categories of users, such as African Americans, mothers of high school kids, people interested in wheelchair ramps, Jews, expats from Argentina and Spanish speakers.
    Every single ad was approved within minutes.

    Facebook (Still) Letting Housing
    Advertisers Exclude Users By Race — Propublica

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