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    It's happened. I never liked the idea of putting a profile on face book but I did it last year. Mainly to join machinery swap and sell groups. Over a few short months many work colleges wanted to be friends, ok then their friends want to be friends OK. Now people from my past want to be friends and that to is ok. What is starting to piss me off is now some of them are requesting I join support/awareness groups regularly that I either know of already or don't care about. All I want to do is look at the funny stuff and not be presented with pictures of abused animals/ people, or attempts to make me feel guilty because I won't "Copy and paste this message if your a true friend", that's no worries because I am not, and won't peddle their attention grab. What made me crack is an actual friend of mine from a couple of years ago found me, he's in hospital getting a new hip. I pm'd him wishing well and hope to catch up when he gets out. He pm'd back would I like to join a prostate cancer awareness group!! NO!
    I have FB and I don't repost anything that I don't want to. And if people continually post stupid shit, I just unfollow them. It really is simple...

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