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    We all are born, with a sense of nothing but curiosity.
    We are not born to hate a certain race, sexuality or gender.
    We all are born with a race and gender.
    And sexuality.. it can't be stopped. Normally it's suppressed due to the society and the press saying that homosexuality or bisexuality or being transgender or pansexual is absolutely wrong.
    Worst part is, people are willing to kill those of a certain sexuality, race or gender.
    We are born with this.
    I'm sorry I could not change myself. Oh no, I'm a pansexual. Does it affect you? Absolutely not. Whoever I love is who I love. And in no way does my sexual preference involve you, so stop making it fucking about you. I am more than capable of “finding God” but I'm an Atheist who believes that Christianity is a brain-washing system made back when people were scared of the fucking moon.
    I can't tell anyone, really. There's a few selection of people that are aware of my preferences. It's sad that only heterosexual people can be upfront about their sexuality without being judged.
    It's fucking 2015, people. Grow up. Being homophobic is just as bad as being racist. I am born with this sexuality, and I'm perfectly okay with it. I myself am female, and any girlfriends I have ever had have been absolutely amazing. But we had to keep it secret due to society, and goddamn homophobes judging us because we weren't like the majority of the people.
    Rant over.
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    I can feel the frustration oozing from your post. I happen to agree with you. I've never heard of the term pansexual before but it sounds cool. I'm all for people being happy and being themselves. Like you said, what you do does not affect me or anyone else. You'll find the people on this forum in agreement that we are all human and we don't care to get into each others business.

    I know there are those out there who still feed the hate, and hide under what they think is correct, or they'll even pull religion into it...which is why I don't believe in any organized religion, either.

    I don't know what to say other than that there will always be ignorant (or just plain stupid) assholes out there who think they know what's best for everyone. You just gotta say "fuck em"

    Welcome to Rant Central!!!
    homophobes? people who have irrational fear of homosexuals?

    phobias are real psycological issues that affect hundreds of millions of people. expecting these people to simply put their phobias aside is as reasonable as making homosexuals go hetero.

    now... if by 'homophobic' you mean people who just hate homosexuals for what ever reason, it's probably best to not to label these people as such because it really exposes the bias and self-serving interests of a childish, tantrum-prone and otherwise out of control lgbt community.

    when i was young, i realized that not everyone was gonna like me no matter what i did... and i'm fine with that. if i went around calling people 'sporkphobic' just to shame anyone who didn't like me... well, it would probably be because i care what people think of me way more than i should.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
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    Quote:Do you think loving the same sex is wrong?

    For whom?

    For me, yes it is very wrong and turns me WAY off.

    For someone else? How the fuck should I know?

    And I have to agree with sporkium, homophobic is a poor choice of wording. I know you didn't choose the word that has gained widespread acceptance to mean gay-hater, but still it very poorly describes what it is used for.
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    Do you think loving the same sex is wrong?

    If you are attracted to the same sex, then no.
    If you are not attracted to the same sex, then yes.

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    That's the problem with most issues. They have many angles that people twist into something they can use to call foul.

    I made my post, I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. However, out of all of those different beliefs, that is not my personal belief. Just because I personally will never agree or find homo or any sexuality beautiful, since I'm 100% hetero, doesn't mean that a world with people living their lives the way they want isn't beautiful...I have NO business in any other peoples choices. I find all people beautiful, which is why they deserve to live the way they want.

    It's easy for most people to get confused and butthurt because they cant distinguish between the differences...
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    There's also different kinds of love. I love my dad, but not in a homosexual way; just in the way that a son loves a father.

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    yes,there's that @System Folder ,i love my son

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