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    Tutorial FAQ
    [Image: 1069.png]

    This document is a collection of frequently asked questions about the forum and their answers- as well as a list of important threads and site tutorials.

      Who's in charge?

    Rant Central Staff
    Avatar User Name Information
    [Image: avatar_5.gif?dateline=1412987924] Wildcard All of the sites coding, most of the design coordination, and 90% of the shit posting. XD
    [Image: avatar_217.jpeg?dateline=1542277435] Spud17 Spud helps with the day-to-day operations of the site and quite often steals my trophy...
    [Image: avatar_4.gif?dateline=1397320141] srijantje The resident Yakshagger and permanent fixture, SJ was one of the first forum members to join. He kills spammers with extreme predjudice and trolls with equal joy.
    [Image: avatar_69.png?dateline=1350054911] sporkium Known as the "voice of reason," sporkium is also responsible for some of our favorite logos and banners on the site— not to mention contributing to many different discussions. He may be a little grumpy, but he is our grump!

      Where should I post first?

      How do I post?
    Making new threads and posting replies is easy.

    When viewing threads just type into the Quick Reply box and click the Post Reply button. Or you can click the New Reply button to use the full editor.

      How do I quote another post?
    There are actually several built in ways to quote posts and also a manual method. It depends on what your intent is:

    1. To quote one post in the full editor - click this button on that post.

      [Image: 3Rhc.png]

    2. To quote multiple posts in the Quick Reply window, click this button on all the posts you would like to quote:

      [Image: mBKR.png]

    3. To enclose text from outside the forum in a quote format, just use the 'quote' tags.

      How do I format my posts with fonts and color?

    The built in editor is a toned-down word processor, but is still fairly versatile. Read this tutorial for more information on Spicing Up Your Posts

      Can I delete my threads/posts?
    Because of the potential for abuse it is impossible to delete threads or posts.

      Can I change my username?
    Yes. Smile

    To change your user title visit the Account Settings and click Edit Profile.

    To change your username make a thread in the Account Issues forum. Please be patient when waiting for a response.

      What is an avatar?
    On Internet forums an avatar is generally recognized as a synonym for 'profile picture'. It's a small representation of you online.

      How do I change my avatar?
    You can pick an avatar and keep it forever or change it as the mood strikes you. Read this to learn more about changing your avatar: Adding an Avatar

      What is a signature?
    A signature is a brief post that is appended to every post you make. Your signature can be turned on and off through the Account Settings. They can include formatted text and images, but cannot exceed 450 characters and cannot contain more than 4 images.

      How do I change my signature?
    To change your signature, go to the Account Settings and select Change Signature from the sidebar menu.

      Can everyone see when I'm online?
    By default, when you log in to your account it is displayed on the bottom of every page by adding your name to the Who's Online List

    To change that go to your User CP and select Edit Options from the sidebar menu. The top left section is title 'Privacy'- tick the box in that section titled 'Hide me from the Who's Online list'

      What is The Pit and how do I join?
    These forums require group membership. Read this tutorial: Joining The Pit Fighters

      What if I see SPAM?
    If you think something you've seen posted breaks the Forum Rules then you should send a private message to a mod or admin.

    You can also use the report button on every post:

    [Image: kj5l.png]

      Why are there so many banned members?
    They are spammers. They sign up to advertise their shit and the staff nukes them before they even get their profile pics up Big Grin

      What if my question is not in the FAQ?
    Feel free to ask any questions that are not covered by creating a new thread in this forum:

    Site Tutorials:

    Spicing Up Your Posts
    Adding An Avatar
    Joining The Pit Fighters
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