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    I split with my ex of 17 years after he had an affair with my married best friend. She is an ex friend as well. 

    We have a mutual friend of ours which I hadn’t talked to him in a couple of years. He was telling me that my ex was talking about the OW, and how she had nursed him through cancer. He was saying he just did not understand my ex, as he and I were the ones who went with him to his chemotherapy, when he knows the truth. 

    Plus I was the one having to take care of him after his surgery, washing and cleaning out his bandages etc.

    Even after getting cancer and taking care of him, he still treated me badly. That is why i left, I could not stand being put down, treated like hired help and all of his infidelities. 

    I am just realizing that he is a pathological liar along with being a covert narcissist. 

    Please treat people respectfully, and treat each other well.
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Here's hoping that things get better Penguin Love
    OP: wanna date? I'm free (see other post)

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