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    (01-04-2019, 01:53 PM)Vallate Wrote:  the header is mind blowing. i love the GUI

    Thank you very much! Smile
    Rant Central will be upgrading its servers and making a few adjustments today. The time schedule isn't set in stone, but we will definitely be down between 2-4 hours today.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    The wheels are in motion.

    Due to the nature of DNS caching, we are unsure when the site will go down and cannot say for certain how long the site will be down. It is likely to be a matter of hours.

    Thanks for your patience. See you soon.
    Everything went well with the server upgrades and, as you can see, Rant Central is now served using https. This means a more secure way to connect for everyone.

    Again, sorry for any inconvenience and happy ranting! Smile
    Some users may experience a few hiccups in the next hour or so. We apologize for any issues and are working to solve them in a timely manner.
    It is time to do forum maintenance and upgrades, again. The forum will be closed for an hour or two, later on today.
    Okay, for real this time. Wink
    The first round is over. There will be a few more punches thrown later tonight, but I shouldn't have to pull the site offline again.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Although the site should never go down, the front page may change a little over the next few hours. We are getting ready to roll out some news features Spinning

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