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  • Don't You Just Hate It When...
    (04-29-2019, 02:23 PM)LZA Wrote:  Don't you hate it when you get a cryptic text from a family member (or anyone), saying "hi" or "can I ask you something important", without actually telling you in that text, so you actually have to answer them? JUST COME OUT WITH IT!!!

    Totally agree.

    My boss does this to me.

    "We need to talk later today."

    I'm thinking company is going under, downsizing, I am in trouble, etc. Later I see him and ask what's up.

    "What did you do with those extra AAA batteries?"


    Don't you just hate it when your boss is in a shit mood and takes it out on you?
    Don’t you just hate it when ur horny and there’s no one around lol 😂

    Bunnies are better

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