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  • Don't Phuck with Philly
    Man Beaten To Death After Stealing
    Car With Kids Inside, Police Say

    Good Riddance MFer!!!

    But one thing I will say is people in Philly are hardcore... Even the sportsfans get violent. My friend who was a Philly's fan kicked me out of his apartment when I shit talked Eagles... 

    Emotional and at some points, irrational to someone like me who's never lived there... He says it's such a crazy place; He's lived there and the bad part of Brooklyn and Philly is worse.

    I guess what I'm saying is this is the worst place to try to carjack someone with kids in the back. 

     I think the guy dying is an appropriate punishment... The dude had a record, but also, Philly is no joke...

    I believe live and let live, and maybe even Thou Shall not kill... But I believe you give up that right when you infringe on other's rights.... And the creator I know as God may still love the guy, but knows he got EXACTLY what he deserved.  You don;t have to pray for the people who killed him, since I believe they are already forgiven...
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