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  • Demon spawned sister-in-law from another planet?
    This will take a little explaining to do because the situation is kind of strange. My brother used to be extremely smart and had a lot going for him before he got into drugs. He took some bad drugs when he was around 18 and the drugs messed up his brain Sad It really is sad because now he is a completely different person, talks differently, thinks differently, and up until recently he has been a pill addict. He is diagnosed schizophrenic and barely holds a conversation with you and still be able to pay attention. Yet he has a big heart and would do anything for anyone, (and I feel really protective of him ..and have pretty much taken care of him since i turned 18, even though hes 7 years older) and because of the way his mind works now, we really didn't think he'd ever find a girlfriend....well I am thankful that a couple of years ago he actually did find a girlfriend..we'll call her Lacey. Although I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. Lacey has one daughter that doesn't even live with her. She is a pill head too. Which I don't like that they do that and it hurts me. She knew from the start he had mental problems, but she continued to be an enabler *when he lived with me he was actually sober for almost a year*** I am a nice person, I will give anyone a chance...but I have never met a girl with the kind of personality Lacey has.

    1. She makes stuff up, and lies about everything. Not just lies that you would expect from people, like lying about where they are or something...she lies just to lie..no joke. They hadn't been together two months and needed a place to stay so I took them in. When she informed me that she was pregnant, but refused to go to the health department or take a test in front of us and had my brother believe she was pregnant. Well I was the only other girl in my home (my husband, me, her, my brother). Two days after telling me she was pregnant I accidentally knocked the bathroom trashcan over and disgustingly a few bloody tampons fell out of the trash that had been wrapped up a ton one hidden in a toilet paper roll.... I knew that periods weren't common for a pregnancy and it seemed as though the used tampons had been purposefully hidden. SO I ask her if she's on her period, and she tells me they aren't hers. I know they were, I'm a SAHM and rarely leave the house and the only other woman in my home was my mom and she had a histerectomy many many years ago...they were hers. As soon as she knew I was on to her, the next day she says she had a miscarriage. She would "get pregnant" several times after that, soak up the attention, but would always claim to have a miscarriage as soon as it came close to people wanting pictures or information. My brother even told me once when she had claimed to be pregnant "Look sis she lies a lot, I don't think she's really pregnant" and she never was, all that year she kept doing this though.

    After they'd moved out and was staying with my mom, my mom's dog got loose and we were trying to help her find it. Lacey was on the couch and I came in after looking for the dog (mom and husband were still out searching) and Lacey looks at me and I said "we're trying to find the dog before we leave" and she says "Oh well your mom just found her dog, she brought her in the trailer next door so yall can go if you want".... and I believed her and we went to leave, we got to the stop sign at the end of the road and mom was down there looking for her dog. I stopped and said "what are you doing lacey said you found the dog and put it in the trailer" My mom was dumbfounded because she hadn't even been over to the trailer since she started searching for the dog and said "well i dont know why she'd say that I haven't been back there and I still can't find the dog"......

    THE BIG LIE OMG!!!!!!!!!
    The biggest lie was a crazy one, that right off the bat I didn't believe. Lacey claimed that she had a biological father in florida (which was true) and that he was a millionaire...and was on his death bed and would be leaving Lacey 400,000.00 . . . yea.. . . so she told everyone this and my family believed her! She borrowed money from people left and right promising she'd be getting her settlement soon. Said she had talked to the lawyers about this money and she'd be getting it soon. I didn't believe her she lied too much. . but one day she claimed her father had died and would be getting the money at the end of the week and I loaned them some money...180 not much but still. and i knew i'd probably never see it again, but she had my brother believing they were getting 400,000.00 so he begged me to loan them 180 until that friday when they'd get there money....

    friday comes and nothing. She dodged the questions when people would ask about the money saying that it was going to be put off for one reason or another. Finally so much time passed people stopped asking her about her dead father and the settlement she was getting.

    Then one day I was talking to my dad who had said "Yeah lacey says her dad that lives in florida is a millionaire". I said "Oh really when did she say that?" and he said "yesterday" (months later)..... I said "Are you kidding me, she told everyone a few months ago her dad was dead and she was getting 400,000.00 and people believed her" and my dad said "Well I don't know, she supposedly was talking to her dad on the phone yesterday".....wtf??

    BESIDES HER CRAZY LIES....she doesn't like me for some reason. She gets mad if my brother plays online games with me and she won't let us do anything alone together. When they come to my house they have to smoke on the porch, well randy went out and i followed him and we weren't out two minutes before she came running out there.


    I've told her off before, ok I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. One time she was messed up and took my mom's cellphone from her and smashed it on the ground my mom and her had a small fist fight and my mom ended up in jail!!!!!!! It was crazy, after that lacey wouldn't let my brother talk to my mom and since after finding out all of what happened I took up for my mother and she made my brother stop talking to me and mom for A LONG time...like several months.

    Finally we were able to talk to my brother again and she apologized for what had happened in the past. Almost 2 years later they got married....because my dad wouldn't rent them the trailer on his property unless they were married...so they got married...and actually they've been married almost a year now, they don't have a home, they live with whoever will take them in.

    So as I said, they both do recreational things that I don't agree with, and my brother has many mental problems. One day we got a call saying my brother got locked up...for pushing her. Well according to him she was in his face screaming at him and pushing him and he pushed her to get her out of his face (wrong I know) and she ended up beating on him and giving him a black eye...no marks on her...but when the cop asked if he'd pushed her he admited that he did and he got arrested for it ... the DAY he went to jail my shady cousin who's not 100% comes up and is all over LACEY following her around taking her places. . . when my brother got out of jail they got back together, and now a few months later...she's actually PREGNANT... 20 weeks, didn't believe her until I recently seen the ultrasound picture. She smokes cigarettes still, and asked me for one and I told her "Your baby don't need no cigarettes girl" and she said "Oh yeah, well she's perfectly healthy and I've been smoking this whole time" so yeah...i still didn't give her a cigarette lol.....

    LAST ANNOYING THING...her facebook

    SHE POSTS THE MOST ANNOYING STUPID STATUS UPDATES EVER. TODAY she posted that she was going to take a bubble bath with my brother standing up in the shower and how much she loves to see him naked.

    So yeah...this girl is nutso. she gets under my skin and pisses me off, and the only one I can talk with about it is my mom who feels the same way about her as i do. So now they are expecting a baby together, and currently don't have a home. SHE has never held a job anywhere, but there is nothing wrong with her ....she's just lazy. instead she bums bums bums and so does my brother sadly.

    thanks for letting me vent a little. Heart
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    What confuses me is that if your brother knows that she lies about all this stuff, why does he let her get away with it?

    I don't think I can help here, other than that you should not let her get between family. Perhaps you could talk to him about what he sees in her (more well phrased of course) and also, you can say what you like, she DID assault him, and that counts as assault, perhaps abuse even.

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    Thanks Cole, I appreciate the reply. He does know that she lies about stuff, but he is pretty far off in his mind and he says he loves her even though she is the way she is. He is afraid to be alone, and honestly I'm afraid for him to be alone...cuz even though I can't stand her...he seems to be happier than when he was alone and depressed. You see, he can't hold a long conversation with someone. I get one sentence out and he's looking around and I have to really say things several times to make sure he is listening and understanding what I'm saying. Yes I agree, I felt like she was just as much in the wrong and should have gotten into trouble too...but she didn't Sad

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