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    A dear friend of mine once gave me a recepie for this delicious pot roast and it turned out to be so wonderfully delicious that I want to share it with any of you that might like pot roast. Here it is:

    Delicious Pot Roast

    1. Start with the size of roasting pan (with lid) you want for the number of guests you need to feed. I use a medium pan and that makes a small roast with lots of vegetables and sauce.
    I'm not fussy about measurements. I like to cook by "feel". You just get variations on the flavor and it's all good. I guess the best way to describe it is make sure the pan is about twice the size of the roast. That will give you lots of vegetables and sauce.

    Anyway, in a medium roasting pan, put the roast - fat side up. Then add:

    2 cups of red fruit juice (I like cranberry combined with strawberry or cherry)
    2 cups of water (just approximate the liquid to the size of your pan)
    1 can mushroom soup
    1 package onion soup
    1 small tin of tomato paste (3 or 4 TBS)
    2 medium onions cut into slices (so you get rings in the sauce)
    (but you can cut them however you like)
    4 or 5 medium potatoes cut into small pieces
    2 or 3 medium carrots cut into small pieces
    1 t of nice vinegar (not white - balsamic or brown) (optional)
    a few pinches green herbs - thyme, basil & oregano are all good (optional)

    Cover it up and put it in a 350 degree oven.

    I find it takes at least 2 hours for a small roast but 3 hours is fine too. Sometimes I cook it for longer and it makes the meat softer. It depends how you like the meat. If you're unsure, just ask the butcher how long it should be roasted in a covered pan. I love to serve it all smothered in the sauce.

    I love this recipe and I hope you all will enjoy it too!

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