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  • Dealing with looking very young/not aging.
    If I hate anything it's when people glorify situations they haven't experienced. For instance everyone wants to look young. And I get told how fckibg great it is everyday. Sure, if you're 50 and look 45 it's a blessing. But my looks have made my adult life a living hell. I am 22 years old and have been mistaken for a 12 year old for the past 8 YEARS. Every damn time I go in public some nosy bitch or bastard has to walk up to me and ask me why I'm not in school. As if I don't have a right to exist. I'm not a social person. I am a private person. But every single time someone speaks me its about how young they think I am. I get no credit for what I've experienced. I've been homeless, I've lived in dangerous places, I've walked hundreds of miles, yet the other day the stupid cashier at the Gas Station said I looked too young to be there alone.

    I wasn't sure rather to laugh at her ignorance or not. Really, don't people have better things to do than care if some juvenile delinquent skips school? The parents would get in trouble so leave it the hell alone. I hate how society views children. I've had people (MY EQUALS BTW) approach me with this entitled attitude. I've known kids who I would trust with my life over adults. Yet automatically because of what I look like, I'm a 2nd class citizen. I have no right to be in public before 3PM . I get stopped walking down the street. I'm not supposed to be in stores without my mother (who is passed away-one day when someone asks me where my parents are they are going to be on the ground). The other day I was standing at the Walmart bus stop, minding my own business like usual, when I turn around and this bitch of a whore is looking me up and down with her lip upturned. Like I don't have a right to exist. BITCH I WILL RIP YOUR GODAMN LIP CLEAR OFF YOUR FAT ASS FACE. DARE LOOK AT ME ONE MORE FUCKING TIME. GO AHEAD. LOOK AT ME. GET A GOOD LONG HARD LOOK CAUSE YOU GONNA GET TO KNOW ME TODAY!!!!!!


    I wear makeup. I wear basic clothes. I do everything a basic woman does to enhance her looks. Then when I tell then I'm 22 they call me a liar. My phone sucks....
    I probably never have this problem because I look rugged and not very womanly and thus looking older than my actual age. Then again, I have been told that I'm terrible at gauging people's ages, so I have given up gauging people's ages let alone going "Hmmm, shouldn't you be in school." that kinda crap. Honestly think people should have better things to do than boss around others on whether they should be in school just because they look like they're young and should be in school and whatnot.

    The most annoying thing is that the society has become increasingly judgemental - anything that doesn't fall into their little boxes of 'norms' should be shunned or made fun of. I confess that even I judge. But I refrain from staring or eyeing the person up and down like I'm any better than them - I glance and that's it (most of the time it is: oh cool, they have 5 colours in their hair, wish I can try that out...but it probably won't look good on me...).
    For example, my eyes were burning after working at the library on my coursework for 8 hours and I walked home with my glasses hanging on my jacket pocket. Some girls walked by and I could hear them after they passed me about how weird it is for me to have glasses hanging like that, what a nerd! But they didn't know that a) I've slaved away for 8 hours for a coursework, b) I don't give a rats arse for being a nerd, I take pride in being a literate and having some intelligence.

    That's right, take pride of who you are. Who are these people to decide on whether you fall within the bounds of what's right or wrong for being just you. Their norms are just stupid little boxes that narrow minded people create so they can remain ignorant.

    Having said that, I normally get really hyped up when the cashier asks me for ID whenever I buy alcohol...or sometimes sarcastically happy Smile

    Moral of the story: Never judge a book by its cover.

    The mad Wolf rages on.
    [Image: wolf_sketch_persona___header_by_christohpera.jpg]
    I'd say laugh at her (and anyone elses ignorance...) getting mad over it will only cause you more unnecessary stress... and these people aren't worth it. Hard for me to do since I have pretty thin skin, but you'll do yourself a favor if you let these fucking assholes be fucking assholes...

    PS: It's OK to swear on this forum. You made a good rant here!!!
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