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  • Damn Early
    I have been getting up before dawn for as long as I've been out of my parents house. My Dad used to tell me that as I got older it would get easier to get up in the morning. In fact, he even suggested that after a while I could possibly start waking before the alarm clock went off— out of habit. In my case, this hasn't been true at all.

    [Image: 235.png]

    After years(15+) of getting up around 4-5am, I still have to drag myself out if the bed in the morning. It doesn't feel any easier than it did when I was sixteen! I have responsiblities so I make myself do it but that fantasy of getting used to it (learning to enjoy it, even) that's for someone else. I was made for the night time and have been stuck in this farmer's time schedule because of my work.

    So damn early! I want to sleep until 10am and stay up till 2, but this night owl trapped into an early bird's life may never be able to shake this god forsaken schedule.

    Do you enjoy getting up early? Some people do, but not this guy.

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    I like waking up early, with a fresh sky outside and birds singing, but getting up is a different matter entirely. I find it almost impossible unless I've gotten into the habit of a regimented sleeping schedule.
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    I've always had difficulty waking up early too. And it's even worse in the winter time because I know that the comfort of my warm bed will be lost as soon as those covers get thrown off. It's been a problem that's followed me from elementary school all the way now up to college. One of my professors just LOVES to talk about how I'll drag into her class wearing sweatpants, hair thrown up in a ponytail and eyes barely open and then go back home to shower and return to my other classes looking like new. If I've heard her say it once, I've heard her say it a dozen times. But, IDGAF!!! Lol She can look at my tired ass next semester too! Maybe one day I'll grow accustomed to getting up early, as Mark's dad claims. I highly doubt it, though.

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    I feel strongly each individuals natural circadian rhythm is different. I spent many years up before dawn, and never acclimated. The years I didn't have to be @ work until 9 A.M. were better, but only slightly. Don't get me wrong, I adore watching the sun come up and seeing the world around me shake off the night to embrace the day. However, for me, the optimal schedule is to go to bed after the sun is up, sleep until mid-afternoon, and repeat. I have a toddler so I no longer get to adhere to such a schedule, but the years I did I never had to use an alarm, it fits my body perfectly.
    i NEVER use an alarm,i get up when it gets light,sleep gone,don't like to lie around,one thing i don't like is getting up in the dark,so i don't
    at home it's alway at 4 20 am.

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    ^Big Grin Me too until recently Sad Damn a piss test AngryAngryAngry

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I remember sleeping in... before children Smile

    Now if I make it to 6 o'clock I'm impressed, but the truth is, I quite like being out of bed at 5am or even before in the summertime, when it's light already. This does cause problems with the other half, who's a night owl and doesn't like me falling asleep on the couch at 9pm... I keep telling him I wouldn't except he's so boring Tongue
    i've got the same"problem",but ofcourse cant give the same explanationBig Grin i'll be on the couch forever

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