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    Currently Playing
    ^^^ Sick game.

    That's why I love fighting and racing games! A cathartic way to blow off energy in a mindless way!!

    I always play as Liu Kang.. 99% of the time... The other 1% I'll try the others...
    I had a good run today Smile

    [Image: xXFF1jn.png]
    Green Hell

    I've found a new favorite game XD

    Green Hell is a survival game which also includes a story mode that is very well done, with interesting landmarks along the way. I'm about 45 game days in, and you really get attached to the area where you set up your first camp. As the game progresses, you'll be forced to venture farther away from the starting point in order to succeed. Let me tell you, leaving your first camp is pretty damned tough after you spend a lot of time trying to get everything just like you like it.

    I am supposed to be escaping to safety, but I have so much fun just hunting, foraging, building, and exploring that I don't really want to move on to the next stage. However, the story is interesting enough that it is giving me the motivation to go deeper into the Amazon and see what l will find next.

    There are many different types of creatures roaming the forest (you find new types as you proceed) from harmless Peccaries and snails to the ferocious jaguar and even tribesman that are armed and extremely deadly with those arrows!

    This is a clip from my first stream last night. I was returning from an encounter with two tribesmen, already wounded and limping when this happens:

    All-in-all, it is a pretty great game. The developers are promising many nice additions in the next few months, as well as an online/coop mode later in the year.

    Green Hell
    Green Hell is a sweltering struggle for survival in the Amazonian...

    [Image: 1QUflIZ.png]
    Here is another Green Hell video. I made a little progress, this time instead of getting attacked by everything in the jungle. 🤣

    I'm streaming Green Hell in one hour...I'd love it if some of you guys would stop by and see me!

    WildcardSearch on Twitch
    GTA V; Minecraft; Just Chatting; and more...
    Here is a video from today's stream. It went great. Thanks to @Plenty O’Toole for stopping by chatting with me while I played.

    Big shout out to my buddy LyKaixs on Twitch for giving me some feedback on my graphics and presentation. Things ran a lot smoother this week. (One step close to getting set up to stream Minecraft Spinning )

    I thought this was a crocodile, but it's a Caiman:

    The official Green Hell Twitter account liked my tweet! Spinning

    [Image: YStfadr.png]

    I'm turning into a fanboy Facepalm
    Plenty O’Toole liked this post
    Tonight's stream went great! @Plenty O’Toole joined the Discord server and when I started broadcasting, he came along for the ride, watching on Twitch and chatting along with me in-game.


    ..the audio didn't record. lmfao

    So, instead, I just played the game (not that great, but I had my moments) for two hours with only the creepy sounds of the jungle to keep the viewers company. It sort of turned out good, as is evidenced by this creepy clip:

    Plenty O’Toole liked this post
    It's Sunday, so that means I'm streaming Green Hell this afternoon!

    Today will be pretty huge, but you will have to tune in to find out why...Tongue

    WildcardSearch on Twitch
    GTA V; Minecraft; Just Chatting; and more...
    This has turned into the Wildcard spam thread, but fuck it, I wanted to share this video from tonight's stream. I know I shouldn't think shit like this is funny, but again, fuck it.


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