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  • Rant Creepy, short,old,masculine lesbians are drawn to me.Why?
    (09-10-2020, 01:57 AM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  I was absolutely and completely powerless. I was a pathetic excuse of a person. I just felt lost scared and mostly just disappointed in myself. It seems pointless but I didn’t know how to not feel so powerless and hopeless about those situations with these awful perverts women. I was so sick of feeling like shit. I just wanted to cry. I just needed to vent. That is why i joined this forum.

    VEnt away, and if you really feel like that about yourself, use it as motivation. I personally don't see you as helpless, but someone unaware of how to comfortably process what was going on, and in a weird way not wanting to admit to being attacked or at the very least in an unwanted situaton and handle according to your needs. Like a new job... At first you are nervous, but you get used to it, and you learn by ding.
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    @LZA Touchy feely neighbor-March 2018. 7 days after my last story.

    After that weird experience at that neighborhood women party/gathering I have successefully avoided this weirdo small touchy feely woman my neighbor for 7 days. But on that day I arrived home from work and she was just standing there on my driveway. I got out of the car. I was wearing my double breasted purple satin coat and 6 inch black boots . I had full make up on. That morning i had a huge fight with my husband. I was feeling pretty bad, just inexplicable bad. I sat on my porch sofa. My small old touchy feely neighbor just stood there in her yard. She came RUSHING up when she saw me. Then she sat on my porch sofa on my right side. Then this small masculine weird neighbor woman started talking and started petting my left shoulder and upper arm with her right hand and said “ Big woman thanks for letting me invading your personal space. You are a good woman. You are a colossal woman. Mentally and physically. This satin material It's just so soft and smooth to touch when rubbing. You are a great woman."


    She just kept petting my left shoulder and upper arm with her right hand and she started talking about her estranged sister , but at one point she just looked at me and said "What is wrong big woman? You are kinda upset." I didn't reply. I just sat there silent. But she was like no, we are talking about what's wrong. Then I started crying a little bit (which always sucks eww) and she started hugging me and pulled me closer to her on my porch sofa and then we just spent the next 10 minutes cuddling and she played with my hair and kissed my forehead. @LZA (please don't be disappointed in me) It was kinda nice and comforting, so I thought she was just trying to cheer me up so I didn't stop her. So after like 10 minutes cuddling on my own porch sofa with this weirdo small creepy neighbor finally i said

    "I am really tired. I need to lie down. '"

    She replied, "Hey, no problem. Relax your back big woman." Then this weird small old neighbor kissed me on the cheek. I got up and she got up and hugged me full frontal and held me her face pressed against my breasts for an uncomfortably long time. I've had to remove myself gracefully after a minute or so. I just opened my door and walked in my house. I kinda shut the door in her face. I was totally confused about what happened.
    That was actually nice that she consoled you... They say we need to excuse our friends for their imperfections as they should excuse us for ours.

    BUT. Going by what you tell me, this is the FIRST SELFLESS act of friendship she showed you. Again, not trying to diagnose you, I know you are venting and I hope my statements are just things you already thought of or I'm trying to give you what I would do based on how I see it.

    You are very detailed in your recaps like you have a journal you are going by. When you told her, she just played with your hair? She didn't fondle anything else??? It was like she really wanted to help you???

    To that I say good! Finally an act of friendship, something that takes away from her being predatory... UNLESS she did that as an in??? Maybe her warped mind she's gonna break you for him and have you all to herself... She knows how to treat you, LOL. Obviously that is probably me overreacting, but you can never truly know someone...

    As far as guys for friends... Let's say I was in her position, and you were there (and I don;t mean you and I specifically), but guys are snakes and all they think about is sex... Honestly, if I knew you IRL as she did, maybe I would try it. Unless you looked like HER then I'd say fuck it. If she has a guys mentality you can't discount it. I'd be lying here if I said I wouldn't at least think about it (unless you looked like her).

    regardless... Her one act of kindness shouldn't give her a pass on her past abuse... Again, My flair for the dramatic, but isn't that excuses for people in abusive relationships??

    All I'm saying is consider the source... Her past history is sleazy (regardless if she's predatory or stupid). And you can take solace in this is the only time she acted for you... doesn't mean you are wrong for being uncomfortable all the other times.

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