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  • Crappy jobs and insane bosses.
    We've all had to take a crappy, mind-numbing job at some point, or end up working for the boss from Hell, for whatever reason, usually short-term until something better presents itself. They're the kind of jobs you never forget, and yet somehow they add to your character, providing you survive the experience/ordeal.

    One of the worst for me was working in a health club for a cocaine-addicted bat-shit crazy boss. The job itself, and the pay were great, but she made the job unbearable for the staff. I'd be training a client and she'd appear out of nowhere, inches away from my face and ask "Did you just mention my name?" (yes if your name is quadriceps you paranoid bitch). She had frequent psychotic episodes and was convinced the staff were conspiring against her, and her permanent psycho derek expression was made even more pronounced when she had plastic surgery on her eyes... no words can describe how frightening she looked. In the end, the staff did conspire against her and we walked out together in solidarity, never to return.

    Another time, I had a crappy agency job putting cabbages into boxes from a conveyor belt. I noticed the girls were disappearing off the shift, and when the shift manager asked me if I wanted to work on a 'special shift just for women', I erupted, threw a cabbage at his head and stormed out. I lasted a grand total of under 25 minutes.

    Tell us about the crappy jobs you've had to endure to earn a living. Yay
    When I was fourteen I took a job with a brick mason and my job was basically just being a "brick elevator".

    I had to load a platform with bricks and then use the pulley tacked to it to pull myself and the heavy bricks up two or three floors to where the masons were erecting the wall.

    I lasted about a month but I didn't leave because the work was too hard, it was because while everyone else got. break every two hours, I was forced to work through my breaks so as to be ahead of the workers Angry

    I am worthless when I am hungry so I told him to fuck off and went my own way.
    the worst [and one of the few]jobs i ever did was crawling into ballast tanks of newly built ships,having to apply paint to the welding,the prob.was the paint had this stuff in it that made you really"high"so you didn't want to come out after the required 20 min.and started drooling and insanely giggling in there until somebody came down and dragged you out.
    permanent brain damageBig Grin
    the stuff in the paint was called trichloride or something
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    I had a summer job as a teenager as operator on a machine that filled 25 Kg (56 lbs) bags with fishmeal powder.
    The work was easy enough, just threading the bag onto a nozzle that filled it, and once it was filled,
    sowing the opening in the bag shut with a hanging sowing machine and then tipping the bag onto a conveyor belt.
    But the fishmeal smell in my clothes was so strong that no one would sit anywhere near me on the bus home.
    The clothes I had worn for that job had to be all thrown away in the end.
    Washing them several times did not remove the smell.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    One of my friends hooked up with this guy, who said we'd can get extra money by helping him demolish old boilers in a limestone factory...I figured, why not, something to do, get extra cash. We agreed on 5 bucks an hour. The day we were supposed to start my friend pulls out, saying he threw out his back, so I say OK, I can do it myself.

    Messiest work ever, Talk about gorilla work. They would cut the pipes of these huge boilers with torches, and my job was to load up the truck. I job I snickered at even though all the shit was really heavy, this was in my early 20's and I was in my steroid prime.(I pick things up and put them down), ya, I WAS that guy...It's not like a bigfoot sighting, people like that really lived.

    Anyway, in addition to being a gorilla that loads trucks with old boiler pipes and parts for five an hour, I was exposed to asbestos. I made sure I heavily masked up when removing that in into Biohazard cases so they could be properly taken cake of.

    I noticed that these friends of my friend were really just drug tweakers, blowing their money on pot, crack, whatever...Now IRL and back then as a youngin'; I was gullible and susceptible to the okey doke (my mom was like that too...Believed everything you told her). I wasn't susceptible because I wasn't smart... It just took me a while to catch up, and I was depressed then, so I guess I was tricking myself into thinking I had friends and they wouldn't do that to me??? Oh well, I was stupid back then, I'm stupid now but at least I know. I kept doing that shit job for almost a month (I remember it was October because I quit on Halloween).

    The friends just disconnected, and moved. so I never got paid (which at that point I knew was coming). I asked my friend who hooked me up with these guys what happened, and I guess the other person I was working with that the guy done this to stole a bunch of his tools in lieu of payment...Who knows if that's even true.

    so LZA get's jipped cuz he's too much of a loser to see he's being used, and put logic aside because he just wants to be considered a part of something because all his life he was a part of nothing...Depression my friends, is a bitch. It causes you to do stupid things like take jobs you know aren't gonna pay just because you want to be a part of something...

    That fucker Leighton owes me $550.00!!! AHAHAHAHHHAHAAH Lesson learned , I guess.
    One of the crappiest jobs I've ever seen is the guy that professionally watches cocks all day!

    Some of the drug tests that are performed in clinics will put you in the restroom with an attendant whose job is to watch you urinate to ensure that you don't use fake piss or tamper with the sample.

    So, I walk into the bathroom and my country ass hit the dude with a "my bad" and left. LMAO
    The nurse eventually made me understand that this man had chosen to watch cocks for a living!

    This man had chosen to watch cocks for a living!

    This man had chosen to watch cocks for a living! XD

    Spinning No further questions, your honor! Spinning

    And before someone says, "He might be gay."--

    Yeah, that's the fucking point.
    a fag job in other words
    I had to work for hospice shop. its a scam in New Zealand, I had to fold clothes and put em in boxes I felt like a robot and I had a sore back and I had to go sit down every 20 minutes, I also know the full story behind it and I am never again volunteering for any type of charity scammer shop

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