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  • Correctly Naming Threads Outside The Pit
    As you can tell by the title of this thread you already know what this is about.....We have all looked in a thread with a great looking title only to find its nothing to do with or scarcely has anything to do with the title...And as members its up to all of us to make sure that changes with threads being made outside the pit being named correctly by putting relevant titles in threads..for example if we see a thread named "Drunk Monkeys " and we open that thread then we all want to see pictures of monkeys that are falling over themselves and partying because they have had too much hooch not some political story thats happening in the world...thats a misinformed title ...same goes the other way round if we see a thread named "FBI Warns The Internet" we would think "hello this looks interesting" ...we would like to open that thread and read about why the FBI are doing this....thats a good titled thread with a relevant story....no monkeys ....so if we all follow these little rules then we will all live happilly ever after

    •must be relevant to the intended content of the thread

    •may not be misleading

    •must be in English

    I don't sugarcoat anything.....do i look like willy fucking wonka to you

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