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  • Co-workers suck!
    OK, since I've got no place else to go with this – coworkers suck! I'm an IT officer by nomenclature, but I feel more like a baby sitter, or better yet, I feel like I'm in charge of a day-care where all the kids have matches. I spend all day putting out fires. One of the bitches I serve, used to be a knockout, and undoubtedly earned per position as VP by manipulating men with her charms rather than actually being competent at the job at hand. But now she's old, not-so-hot, remarkably self confident, and yet no smarter than she was at age 13. I'm guessing 13 because that's how she acts. A master of passive aggression, though her technique is somewhat fundamental, she never directly challenges her situations, but instead chooses to spread dissension among the ranks to achieve whatever advantage, sympathy, or God knows what she wants.

    She's got printer problems today, and it's a major ordeal. EVERYONE must know about her printer problem … EVERYONE! More importantly everyone must know that it is not her fault, but guess who? The IT officer of course! HEY EVERYONE, IT'S MY FAULT HER PRINTER ISN'T WORKING! I'm the incompetent one, yes, never mind the fact that she's been sitting behind a computer for close to 20 years and still can't make a desktop shortcut, doesn't know the difference between a .PDF and a .DOC file, and forget .DOCX!

    What is with people who are stupid, yet supremely self confident? Who put them in charge of the rest of us?

    Why am I here telling you all this – a bunch of strangers? Because my wife doesn't seem to want to hear about anything remotely negative lately. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and I guess she only wants good news for now … it's a good thing, yes a real good thing … or she'll wish me into the cornfield.
    Office life sucks... I'll admit, when I was working in middle management and sup backup,most (if not all) my reports didn't know what a .PDF and a .DOC, and .DOCX files were. They knew the job they were hired to do. I stood out because I knew the job, PLUS I knew most IT. because of my own learning, plus I would pick the brains of any and all IT personnel who would take the time to teach me.

    Most were appreciative, most didn't want to take the time to bother.

    Some reports sounded just like people you describe, but it was towards their job function . Mostly it wastheir fault for not wanting to be competent, but sometimes it was due to the staff not putting their foot down and making these people think for themselves...Sounds like this is the case here.

    There was one knockout that I trained, I wouldn't let her be that way...At first she tried to, believe me. But when she saw she could learn herself, she soared in her position, earning many awards and certificates along the way...None of which if she had help.

    Just the way the corporate world works... There will always be people like that...
    For sure - office life blows. Its like high school for grown ups. We had a good house cleaning yesterday. Six office staff gone. So naturally, everyone is scared and wondering "Am I next". I just wish i worked in the Archer office. Yes, as a grown ass fat guy, i still day dream.

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