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  • Cleaning after oneself
    So I recently moved into the postgraduate hall for the year of study. Generally one would imagine that postgraduates already have done undergraduates, so they know the ropes in living in halls or generally not making a shitmess everywhere they go. Well, scrap that. How uni works here is if your English isn't very good, you can go for these language courses before semester starts and so you can cope later on with the language. This is why I am one of the later ones to move into this corridor area...I don't need to go on these courses - as evidenced by previous qualifications and so on.
    Nonetheless, I walked into the kitchen, and the hobs were covered with burnt on filth. Wrappings and general trash littered around the worktops. Further to this, the bin was so full that it can't close, not to mention eggshells were in the mixed recycling bin (guys, there's a food waste bin!!!). There's a group of people from Country X and they eat together, which is fair enough. Now here's a list of things I have a pet peeve about:
    1. There are actually only 1 or 2 from this group of (so far I counted) 4 that lives in this section and hogged half of the kitchen cabinets - should be 1 top and 1 bottom for each person living in this section.
    2. They took up the bulk of the space in 1 fridge - thank heavens the other fridge has been replaced with a functional one. They leave all their raw meat mixed up with other people's cooked foods, and they don't even close up the packaging of their raw meats.
    3. They clearly make a mess on the hobs when they cook, and they don't even bat an eye or consider cleaning up. I ran into the Hospitality Assistant (the nice lady who'd come in every now and then and do a bit of a wipe down of the place), she told me there is no way she'll clean those hobs, she's got an hour to do this place and she ain't gonna scrub for an hour and neglect other things. She left a notice on the hobs about this but they just tossed it aside! When they bitched about the kitchen not being cleaned, I told them that it also falls into our responsibilities to keep the place clean and the chubby one of them made a face. She also complained that her room hasn't been cleaned and stuff...seriously girl, there's a notice at the notice board about the room cleaning times, read it.

    I'm sure not everyone from Country X are that inconsiderate and selfish - I made some new friends and they're from Country X and aren't like that at all! But it just makes me wonder, what kind of pampered lifestyle did they have before moving into PG halls, to me it seems like they had a nanny with them through their entire lives who cleaned up after them and they never did any chores.

    Ps. Hospitality Assistant gave me a brillo pad that we can use to clean the hobs and recommended turning the hobs to level 4 before cleaning...I will do it tonight, but I just feel a bit sad that I have to clean up for these people and they will probably take it all for granted.

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    So, what do you want us to discuss?

    steven hawking
    (09-29-2015, 09:29 AM)gh0ster Wrote:  So, what do you want us to discuss?

    I just wonder whether people have experience in dealing with people who are so pampered and such, expecting others to clean after them all the time.

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    Yeah my whole life, just don't do it. It's hard i know but don't be a slave to some punk.

    steven hawking
    The pampered people have the least life skills I think... There are rich people who came up through the hard way; they are more down to Earth, and they won't expect others to do anything for them...I'm kinda glad I came up on the poor side... Gives me a more realistic look on life, and makes me appreciate what I achieve/acquire as far as status things.

    When you refer to country X, are you referring to America by chance...There are broke ass fuck from here too...I know, I am one of them...
    Country X happens to be a couple continents away from America. I come from a 'subsidiary' of this country Wink
    My mom made it pretty much mandatory that I help out at home and do chores when I was small, and of course taught me to not expect others to clean up after me and have some respect for those who do. I would imagine most of the world was brought up with this kind of mind frame...I guess she and her friends are the ones who didn't fall within 'most'.

    So a small update since earlier days...I sense living here is gonna continue downhill...

    I have a new neighbour and he has been living in this hall for a couple of years already, so he gathered everyone in the kitchen and we all had a chit chat...mainly he pointed out we need to do a rota in taking out the trash and keeping the hobs relatively clean - both of which this girl from Country X is totally not keen on, of course she's the core of this mess and we all know it. I actually quite like this new neighbour, he's really pleasant to talk to, the kind that you talk to and feels your day has brightened up. Plus he spoke the awkward thing about the kitchen cabinets being hogged by this one girl!! Yay
    On top of this I have met our hospitality assistant also told me she's had a pretty bad impression of this girl - what a surprise!
    Nonetheless, this evening I was munching on my leftovers and she asked me whether this new neighbour is a subwarden or something since he seems to hold a bit of authority - to be fair he just gathered us around and gave us a speech of what we ought to keep on top of, not really push us around. I told her no but since he has a lot more experience than us in living in here, he knows how things run around here quite well. BIG MISTAKE. She made a face and said that he should go die. What the heck!? Not only are you bitching your neighbour, you're bitching about him to me?! Just because you're too loud, and selfish to clean the mess you and your friends make every single day in the kitchen, someone comes along and points it out and you say that they should go die? What is wrong with her, it just doesn't feel pleasant at all to hear something say such a thing about someone you think highly of!
    Whilst I would really like to see us get 5 weeks of gold stars to achieve the £2.50 voucher at the shops, I don't really want to see people who didn't even pitch in get rewarded and feel that it should be that way. I don't know if I should really give it a little elbow grease on Monday night before the inspection on Tuesday...any words of wisdom, gentlemen? Beg

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