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    I never saw that POW game... When I saw your screenshot I thought it was Double Dragon

    The graphics were cool on that game..

    BUt as far as Arcade games, there were no better graphics at the Time than Dragon's Lair... Remember that? It looked like a cartoon!

    I get chills from the memories just watching it! This was in the 80s!!!!!

    PS - I think we only had Video Galaxy, Video World at first... Blockbuster came later and wiped them both out.
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    (07-22-2019, 03:32 PM)LZA Wrote:  Dragon's Lair

    Damn! I had forgotten all about that game. I first played it in the arcade and I couldn't believe how great it looked. Now, I realize that it was just playing different prerecorded cartoons based on your choices, but all I knew back then was that it looked amazing.
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    It didn't matter to me... You can tell that once you made a move, it was a split second to load the prerecorded scene.

    Dirk the Daring was the character, and even though you can hold your place if you kept putting in quarters, I never came close to finishing.

    I didn't care as much about the game as much as I liked watching the graphics...That's probably why I SUCK at video games today!
    (07-22-2019, 04:04 PM)LZA Wrote:  I never came close to finishing.

    That is the preferred time to come... The Finger

    I never beat that game either, but a moment ago, I did watch a playthrough all the way to the end because all my life I wanted to know what happened Big Grin

    Here's another C64 staple in my high school years... I was pretty good at this game, but for some reason, my expertise still couldn't land me any dates...

    I was never part of the in-crowd, but let us see the QB jump over holes and falling rocks...

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