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    Hopefully this is not a duplicate thread, but post any classic video games you loved, grew up with here (for any platform). MAybe the game sucked, but the music was awesome???

    To start  -

    c64 - Probably one of my alltimefavorites.... Awesome song as well

    Rob Hubbard is the Mozart of C64 games!

    PS1... I love this game!!!!

    Atari... It doesn't look much like a Donkey at all...
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    I played this game a lot, but I really remember it more because this is the only game that my mom would ever play.
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    I loved playing Wario on my little black-and-white Game Boy as a kid. The concept of handheld video games fucking blew my mind back then.

    [Image: gprZynt.gif]
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    Gameboy for me was Tetris!

    The song still rings in my head!

    Now let it ring in yours!
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    This is not gameplay, but the video represents 2 of my favorite ALL-TIME Fighting games... Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I picked this vid since both of my favorite players from each game are represented.

    The only thing that sucks is the ending, as I don't agree with the outcome... #ryuisasupersayain???? #icallBS
    (07-07-2019, 03:11 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  Frogger

    I played this game a lot, but I really remember it more because this is the only game that my mom would ever play.

    Forgot to respond to this, but as soon as I saw Frogger, I thought of this -
    [Image: E2IhIZf.jpg]

    I had MANY of these handheld games....Pac Man was another...
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    [Image: Eqx0yfo.jpg]

    This game made me laugh back in the day because the idea of it was to give girls their due a la feminism, but in the game Peach’s power comes from her emotions and is weakened by PMT.XD Facepalm
    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest -...
    no description

    I played this game with my brother and after being stuck forever I finally talked to some kid on a field trip that knew how to beat it. Back then, if you were stuck, you were just fucking stuck until you figured it out or someone told you. (Or you paid for Nintendo's hotline — we were poor)

    @wildcard I was also poor... I didn't know Nintendo HAD a hotline.

    My friend's brother and friend were gaming geniuses. The hardest games they would rent and beat before they were due back at Blockbuster, or Video Galaxy, in our case.

    I remember playing that game and giving up.

    Another game I hated because I couldn't do was Ghosts and Goblins..[Image: XEt7F0j.jpg]
    (07-22-2019, 03:17 PM)LZA Wrote:  Blockbuster, or Video Galaxy, in our case.

    Did you guys have Movie Gallery? We had that and Blockbuster.

    Another game I loved on N.E.S. was P.O.W.

    I actually remember the graphics being "amazing" LMAO

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