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  • Cat Eater!!!
    Quote:The call she subsequently made to deputies started a bizarre animal cruelty investigation that has focused attention from around the country on a working-class neighborhood in a Bakersfield suburb where a man allegedly was fileting cats and cooking them on his backyard barbecue.

    "I've been getting calls on this from around the country," Kern County Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said. "For some reason when somebody hurts animals people are more outraged than they are for a lot of other cases."

    Investigators decided to release new details on Thursday because of the nationwide interest in the case.

    Jason Wilmert, 35, will be arraigned Friday on charges alleging animal cruelty and using a pet or domesticated animal for food. Both are misdemeanors.

    A neighbor told KBAK-TV that she had seen Wilmert with a wailing tabby cat cutting it down the back with a knife, then decapitating it. She turned away in disgust and called sheriff's deputies.

    Pruitt said that when deputies arrived that morning at Wilmert's home they talked to other neighbors, who said they had heard the sounds of screaming cats coming from the house in Oildale. When he didn't answer his door, Pruitt said a deputy walked down the driveway and saw a cat's head in the backyard.

    Later Pruitt came outside and deputies arrested him. When they searched his house they found a cat carcass in the kitchen sink, as if were being prepped for cooking. Deputies also found an animal trap in the driveway.

    "We don't know if he was using the trap to catch cats, but he had one," Pruitt said.

    Nobody has called in reporting missing pets, and investigators suspect the victims were strays.

    Wilmert has been unable to post $22,500 bail on the animal cruelty charges and unrelated littering offenses. It was unclear if he had an attorney.


    Wildcard is awesome.
    strange,when it is cats or dogs everybody is outraged,chickens or cows are o.k.Huh
    I'm prepared to bet nobody cries if someone shoots a deer in that neighbourhood either. If it was someone's beloved pet moggy that had been stolen and killed for pleasure (gastronomic or otherwise), then yes, it should be a crime -- but feral cats are vermin and in that case, the guy was doing the local wildlife a favour.

    No mention of whether the fellow involved was unemployed and starving either, or why the neighbour was spying over his fence.

    No fucking censorship. Ever.
    quite right
    The type of animal is irrelevant. The report implies that he was torturing them: "seen Wilmert with a wailing tabby cat cutting it down the back with a knife." Regardless what else he's being charged with that deserves serious punishment in my opinion. That neighbours could hear them screaming from his house sickens me. If you hunt deer you don't restrain then slowly torment them with a machete so they spend their last moments on earth crippled by pain. That he left their decapitated heads out in the yard also suggests to me that this goes beyond simple survival. He sounds like a cruel sadist.
    you're right,ofcourse,but have a look in for example a chicken farm,prolonged torture in my opinion
    I'm sure many poultry farms treat their livestock well, but those that don't are also in the wrong.
    Well I think he is a sick motherfucker for doing an animal like that- and no it doesn't make a difference to me that it was a domesticated animal. Angry Torture is abominable . . .

    Wildcard is awesome.
    There have been several undercover investigations into legal slaughterhouses for animals like (chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, etc.)

    In almost all cases the owners choose to employ people who they can pay the very minimum. As a result the employees are almost always real ignorant assholes who often take out their frustrations in life (of which they have many) on the animals they "manage". The result is a level of cruelty and depravity that is hardly believable.

    Some famous person once said, "To judge a civilization, just watch how they treat their weakest members - specifically - the animals they raise for food."

    North American society would not come away looking too good.

    I have seen several documentaries on this subject. If you are interested in seeing just how bad things are, I'm sure it will not be difficult for you to find a few of the films I'm thinking of. But beware, these films are very hard to watch because the animals are treated very badly.
    (This post was last modified: 06-23-2013, 06:28 AM by AliShibaz.)
    food inc. is a good example

    Food, Inc. (2008)
    Directed by Robert Kenner. With Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Richard Lobb, Vince Edwards. An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry.

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