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  • Discussion: Cannabis Found To Be Thirty Times As Powerful As Aspirin For Pain Relief
    New research by The University of Guelph:

    Quote:University of Guelph researchers are the first to uncover how the cannabis plant creates important pain-relieving molecules that are 30 times more powerful at reducing inflammation than Aspirin.

    The discovery unlocks the potential to create a naturally derived pain treatment that would offer potent relief without the risk of addiction of other painkillers.

    Cannabis helps a lot of stuff... I still want to try Stetiva for focusing...

    The ONLY reason it's illegal because the powers that be way back took issue with it... So it was all a lie. Wasn't it William Randolph Hearst that was at the forefront?? Fuck him and his BS publishing company.

    On a personal note: I've seen Cancer patients use it as a godsend for pain, appetite and nausea relief... Michael J Fox also claims to use it for his illness..

    Time to take away the stigma of it. I'm glad its getting better, but it should be normalized and a non-issue... Booze and cigarettes are more destructive but, wait... the powers that be LIKE that stuff.

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