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  • Help Request Can you help me find the movie "Assassination Tango"??
    There is a movie called "Assassination Tango". It stars Robert Duvall and was made in 2002. I've tried to find it for download but have been unsuccessful.

    Directed by Robert Duvall. With Robert Duvall, Luciana Pedraza, Rubén Blades, Kathy Baker. An aging hitman gets a contract to kill a General in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But when his mark becomes unavailable, he becomes involved in Argentinian tango culture.

    I've searched on TPB and isohunt.com

    I've also Googled "assasination tango filetype:torrent extratorrent" in order to try to find it on the extratorrent.com site.

    I'd be most grateful if anyone can point me to a torrent that would enable me to download this movie.

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    no description
    That movie is posted on many torrent sites.
    Look here: --> http://torrentz.eu/7b5d5384978abdc4ff442...c5d6beecb0

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    Thank you both very much. I have been wanting to see that again for a while now.

    The lead actress in this film is Robert Duvall's rl wife. She is very stunning and about half his age.

    But if anyone ever deserved to marry such a gorgeous woman, it should be Robert Duvall.

    IMO, he is a great actor - and so is his wife! And she sure can Tango! Woo Hoo!
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