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  • Help Request Can anyone please help me with this annoying development?
    Recently, (like during the past week or so), while I have been opening various web sites, at random times, a window will open and a man's loud voice will tell me that he has discovered something about "Free Web Cams" (or something similar) and he wants to share this discovery with me.

    I'm sorry that I didn't save the exact text. But I was sure it was some kind of scam and so I just shut it down ASAP.

    But the next time it happens, I will save it and record the text and all other info I can about the window and the message and post it here to this thread.

    In the meantime, I just want to ask if this has happened to anyone else and if you might know what it is.

    I run Firefox 20.0.1 on Windows 7 and have installed all the recommended Adblock tools. I don't get any other popup windows or other distractions. Just this one "Free Web Cam" window.

    I ran my Malware util and it didn't find any problems.

    I have now muted the volume on my Windows and so when it happens, it doesn't startle me like it did in the past and when I notice it's there, I just delete it. It only happens about once per day.

    Does this happen to any of you? And do you have any ideas how I can put a stop to it? Thank you.
    update your adblock filter list(s).

    i use 'easylist' and 'fanboy's list.'

    you can find the options in adblock's 'preference' window.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Thanks Spork. I will def give that a try.
    this NEVER happened to me,i'm using adblock
    OK. It happened again and I saved much of the info. I also searched for "scam free live cam" and found out that it is indeed a total scam and I found out how it works. By the way, it seems to be an extremely viscous scam. So be careful!

    I thought maybe some of you might be interested in knowing about this in case something similar ever happens to you.

    First of all, some window opens and you hear the voice of some man who tells you that he has discovered the secret to "Free Live Cams" and promises that you can find out how to get Free Live Cams.

    Presumably, what he's talking about is all the sites where college girls have web cams set up in their apartments and if you will pay a fee, you can see them frolic with their naked bodies. Presumably, this guy is telling you that you can get to see all this stuff for free.

    Of course, it has to be a scam.

    Here is the info I saved from this Window. Note I never entered the IP info to try and get to his site because I figured it's probably all phoney and maybe even dangerous. But here it is:


    The Secret To Free Live Cams


    Stop Paying For Live Cams
    Learn The Secret Of Free Live Cams


    Next, I Googled for "scam free live cam" and here is the info I found:

    My Free Cams Fraud
    My Free Cams Fraud
    --> The site is a scam from the gate. First its supposed...

    Here is the first paragraph from that site that basically explains the scam:

    The site is a scam from the gate. First its supposed to be a community site to meet and chat with people. The girls that "work" there are actually virtual prostitutes. if that makes any sense. it is supposed to be a free chat site but the women entice the men to buy tokens for a view of their body, even though they penetrate themselves in full public for free. although viewing is free, they threaten to "ban" you if you do not tip.also it is a "hackers paradise". because the site uses ip tracking and stores cookies on anyone that enters the site and the model has the ability to manipulate the software the company provides. they are cohered by the hackers to allow them access in to the software and subsequently into your computer. the way they got into your account was from the use of key logging and screen shots. while you are imputing your info. they "snap shot your page. i could go on and on. thanks for letting me post Joe king (((ROR redacted))) this needs to stop. lets bring this site down. PS. the owner was or has been found using phishing and scamming methods, also credit card fraud

    Hey Spork,

    First off, I'm sorry I included that spam link. I didn't think it would be a problem since I explained it. But of course, it would always be a problem.

    But I updated my Malware data base and ran Anti-Malware again and it found a thread. So I will remove that and see what happens when it's done.

    Thanks very much again for your help.
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    this can all be avoided by sticking to only 'trusted' and 'reputable' porn sites.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Recently, I have noticed a new development that really pisses me off.

    When I link to some sites, I am presented with a small window that offers me some "fantastic new bullshit values" and I can't figure out how to get rid of this awful piece of shit.

    Here is a lnk if you wish to try it:

    Latest news, comment and features from The Independent US.

    If you have a problem and can't seem to close this window, you can always close the containing window - like, for example in Firefox, if you open a new sub-window and then link to the above link, you can then just close that sub-window (or whatever the correct name is for it) and that will get rid of the nasty spam window.

    But, ideally, I'd really like to know how to get rid of this bullshit - for once and for all. If you click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the small window, it will close, but then it will reopen a few seconds later.

    Most companies that put up a small window trying to solicit your business know better than to do something that enrages you. For example, I would never, ever give these fuckers a plug nickel worth of business after they invonvenience me in this nasty fucking way.

    I find this method to be an extreme pain in the ass. And all I can say to the Independent is,

    "Fuck you assholes right up your ass and die, motherfuckers, die!" Stupid fucking cocksuckers!

    P.S. A "plug nickel" is an American expression that means the same as "not a penny".

    Thanking you all very much.
    (This post was last modified: 05-27-2014, 07:06 AM by AliShibaz.)
    I would like to help, but am finding it a bit difficult to understand your 'bug report'.

    I _think_ you mean some of those transparent "pop ups which scroll/bloom on the browser with the actual content in the background (technically a HTML div element floating on top of the page advertising something).

    Usually there is a close or an X button. Often hitting the Escape Key (at the top-left of keyboard) closes this "pop-up". Look harder please. :-)

    I have ABP (Ad-block plus installed) and am using IE 11 on Win7.
    I did not get any bull**** when I clicked your link.

    If this is not what you mean, a screenshot might help understand.
    I would recommend MWSnap Screen Capture software (in case you need one).
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    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Lol. I went on the site, and Disconnect went from blocking 20 people tracking me to 50 lol.
    Here is my setup-
    Adblock Plus €" Get This
    Extension For П¦Š Firefox (En-Us)

    Disconnect €" Get This Extension
    For П¦Š Firefox (En-Us)

    Adblock Plus will stop ads, but Disconnect stops 2000+ websites from tracking you. Pages load 17% faster. Both tell you how many ads/trackers they have blocked/disconnected.
    (This post was last modified: 05-27-2014, 07:28 AM by ColeMacGrath.)

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    Oh my, Cole!

    Thank you ever so much!

    Radiobox. I have tried both the Escape key as well as the X button.

    As I explained in my OP, the X button does cause the window to close. But then it reopens a few seconds later.

    Also, the Escape key doesn't do a thing.

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