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    Gosh where to start the last few years of my life have been a side show. I have never been under so much stress as I am as of late and I just needed some place to rant. What I really don't understand is the good people like myself are always getting screwed and the bad people around me are doing great.

    Before you start reading this please note it's a rant of my messed up life as of this point so if you have no interest that's fine but please I don't need anymore negativity in my life. I just wanted some place to vent and for someone to listen.

    Where to start... My life has been so upside down people might consider this a bad book at this point. A few years back I did something stupid and upset a coworker at my old job whom just happen to get promoted into a position of power. Shortly after this she made it her personal mission to get me fired from the company. All went fine for a few months before she managed to get me fired from the job I had worked at for three years. I had no way to fight it I was just screwed so the job hunt started.

    Lucky for me at this point my girlfriend had a full time job and was making enough we could afford our bills because we were living with what people might call family. I would like to also take the time to note now we were never late on any of our bills or rent during this time. Now while looking for work I got a call from my mother who told me she had crashed one of my trucks in California into a cow and needed me to come down from Washington to repair it because she couldn't afford it. So I came down and repaired the truck then a few months later she called me and asked me to come build her a fence because the old one had blown down.

    Yes as you might have guessed I went back down and built her a fence after all it's my mother I need to take care of her. Then shortly after this I noticed things moving around my room while I wasn't home. So I setup a webcam to record on motion only to discover my landlord/girlfriend's family was coming into our apartment downstairs and looking around our stuff while we were gone. You might be telling yourself that's not legal they need to give you 24 hours notice and you would be correct! But what could I do we needed a place to stay and I can't move back to California because my girlfriend refuses. Having no choice but to bite and bare it I call my mother and rant to her just to make me feel better and move on with life.

    This keeps going on for months while I am looking for work and then my mother calls me telling me she broke her foot so I started dipping into my savings to help her pay the bills while she recovered and helped pay her house taxes so she wouldn't lose her house which now had a roof leaking. I know right we aren't even at the good parts yet. Now this goes on for a few months till my mother gets better and goes back to work then as always I keep job hunting not willing to settle for just any job because we were financially fine with leftover every month due to my girlfriends job.

    Then in may of 2016 my landlord decides they are tired of the fact I have yet to find work and try and force our hands by making my life a living hell by complaining about my 1969 Ford F250 leaking onto their "dirt" so like any good renter I laid down catch pans which worked great caught every drop but then after a few months they decided this was no longer good enough and told me to get rid of my truck or park it off the property because they don't want to see pans under my lowered truck you need to bend down to see under.

    Okay... So I do as they asked and started looking at how to get the leaks to stop seemed I needed to rebuild my power steering and replace my inner main seal. Both of which are not very cheap but sure I will do it! So I start saving my month and make plans to repair the truck then I get a call from my dad June 2nd, 2016 4:16am....

    ... I need you to get something to write stuff down. ...Kay I fumble out of bed walk over to my computer open a notepad and tell him go ahead. I type out a name and phone number. Then without skipping a beat he hits me with what I can only describe as the hardest moment of my entire life. He tells me that I need to call that number for information that my mother had passed in a house fire due to smoke inhalation I don't even remember how long I sat on the phone after that moment. I lost my mother and my best friend she was my rock in life I struggled with life and moved on to make her proud every day of my life I was raised by her and my grandma when my dad left when I was three.

    All I could do that whole day was bury myself in some sort of work to dull the pain I called and closed all her accounts took care of the her bills called all her friends and then the moment came to call my grandma the second biggest person in my life. It was at that moment of telling her about my mother that I felt my heart rip into a million pieces. I have never in my life heard my grandma cry so hard and I couldn't do anything to fix it. I spent a few days trying to recover then I started trying to plan how I could fly down to bury my mother.

    It was around this time in my life that gave me a shimmer of hope in the human race when her job had called me back and told me that all of her coworkers had pooled the money together to fly me and my girlfriend out so I could bury my mother who had no life insurance. So we flew out and started planning I was in California for a month trying to solve it all the city refused to release my mother's body to us because my father was divorced but the papers were not files then I had to borrow money from all of our family members to pay for my mothers funeral.

    After being in California for a month we had no choice to fly back before the funeral so in the airport I called alaskan airlines and told them what had happened and begged for help. So this kind lady told me to hold on and after a few minutes came back and told me her manager had approved a special discount and could fly me and my girlfriend round trip from Washington to California for the price of a single seat. So I gave her my card and spent the last of the 320 bucks I had left and we flew back to Washington and two weeks later we flew back out to California to finally lay my mother to rest.

    I came back home to Washington where I finally had landed a job and it was starting to look up however I needed a reliable truck so after my first check I took it to the shop it was then that my angel came to save me. A former coworker from the job I had lost nearly a year before told me I shouldn't waste my money on the repairs to which I replied I have no choice I can't afford another truck. To which she replied how much do you need for another car I will pay it for you.

    This wonderful woman loaned me seven thousand dollars for a down payment so I could get a working truck for my job. It was only a few days before my birthday and a month and a few weeks after my mother's death that I came home with this beautiful truck but I kept working and pushing on. I now have a truck payment but I can afford thanks to this kind woman.

    Then my job decides they don't need me so I jump on the job hunt again but I am willing to take anything at this point so I take a job within a week.Then my bad luck starts coming for me ten fold. The people across the street back into my new truck and do a hit and run and I can't do anything but pay for it out of pocket. I keep moving along then a few months go by and after watching our webcam I noticed my landlord reading my legal papers on my mothers death so I call them out on it and they deny it until I tell them I had people watching them on camera. It was at this time they said sorry and it wouldn't happen again and for two weeks they never entered our area. Then it started up again so I left well enough alone I had bigger fish to fry.

    Then really enjoying my job I ask if I would still have my job after the end of the season to which I was told they couldn't afford to keep me on so I then asked for a transfer to another store that could keep me on. Shortly after this a coworker runs into the front of my truck but lucky for me I got what I needed and filed a claim to get it repaired. Then everything hit the fan with our landlord so we started moving out to another place with some friends. While this was taking place I was being moved to another store.

    Well sure enough we get moved and I am at this new store. The insurance is taking FOREVER and avoiding me finally I have my lawyer call them which got the ball moving but now we are two months after the fact. Then I come out from work only to find that someone backing out clipped and ripped off my mirror on my truck! GREAT! Another hit and run! So now I call do everything I need to file a claim to repair it so that takes a few weeks. Now it wouldn't be very good if it ended now so we will keep going.

    I have now got state farm to release funds after a long battle in court of a solid three or four months to give me the money to rebuild the house which I then used part of it to pay back family for the funeral. We are now at the point where I am a few days away from taking my truck in to have the side mirror replaced so I can see something. I walk out to my truck to go to work and someone has stolen the side steps off my truck. NICE! So I call and deal with that only to have my insurance claim they aren't going to pay for oem steps that were on it they want to use a cheaper aftermarket one.

    After a battle with them I finally got them to give me my steps because I took a picture when I bought my truck! So I get all this repaired and fixed seven hundred dollars later or so and decide I am not going to deal with this again. So I dropped the last of our tax return on installing a top of the line security system in the truck. Things seem to be going better till one of my roommates decides to tell me she lost her job a month ago and doesn't have her half of rent. Okay... So we fork out that to keep it all a float then she moves out and we are down one roommate.

    Now my last roommate decides she wants her boyfriend to move in so sure why not if he pays. He moves in we get rent that month and things move along just fine then the next month my roommate hurts her back and her boyfriend just starts a job. Well they still just by the skin of their teeth afford rent. Then the next month he loses his job and shes not working. We are not housing two people not paying rent for the month. Okay well we are kind we will make it work we pay for rent. Then the next month comes around and again NO RENT. Great so we front it again and tell them this is the last time because they now owe us three months rent. Well here we are rents almost due again and I know they won't have it.

    So I tell them rent in full on the first or get out and that some how makes me a bad person. They started packing and refuse to talk to us which is whatever but you gotta be kidding me they are four months back on rent more than 4k into our pockets and they feel they have the right to be mad at us. It's a joke! So that's my life the last few years in a nutshell just felt like sharing because I needed to rant and get it off my chest.
    *hands you an Immodium*
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