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    I know someone who is planning on buying a new PC and I would like to recommend to them that they consider the following three factors:

    1) Buying A Desktop Instead Of A Laptop
    2) Buying A Used PC Instead Of A New One
    3) Buying A MAC Instead Of An IBM Compatible PC.

    1) Buying A Desktop Instead Of A Laptop
    How much more value do you think people get by purchasing a new DT instead of a new LT. I'm guessing they would get at least around 30 percent more computer power for the dollar. Do you think that is about right?

    There are many other Pros and Cons associated with buying a DT over a LT. For one thing, since everything is really crammed into a very small space in an LT, it is more difficult and more expensive to repair LTs than DTs.

    Future expandability is another consideration. It is much more likely that one can expand a DT than an LT. There are more empty slots where you can put more cards and you can usually remove one card and install another one with a DT.

    Also, I would guess that many functions are built-in to the motherboard of the LT and they can't be upgraded by purchasing some kind of expansion card. For example, I just recently wanted to try to upgrade my Desktop so that I could use USB 3.0 instead of USB 2.0. Unfortunately, that could not be done - even though I was using a DT. It was not a very high quality DT. In researching the problem I discovered that it would have been even more difficult to find a LT that would have been able to do that. So, I have to conclude that it would be a bigger problem to do that with a LT instead of a DT.

    So, even though most people need a LT and buy a LT, I would still recommend to people that if they don't absolutely need to carry their PC around with them, it makes a lot more sense to buy a DT than a LT. But I'd be interested in hearing your opinions.

    2) Buying A Used PC Instead Of A New One

    Today, you can get a used PC that will do almost everything you could do with a two-year-old PC. And a two-year-old PC today is an amazing powerhouse compared to what you could get just a few years ago. I would guess that most people have no need for any more PC power than an average two-year-old PC. In other words, you can get a used PC today for about half the cost of a new one and you can get a unit that is so powerful it is just mind boggling to consider what you are getting for the price. If you can get one from someone you know and trust who will give you some kind of guarantee, then IMO, you are hitting the jackpot.

    A used PC can easily provide you with more horsepower than you would need for a long, long time. You just have to know a little bit about what you are doing so that you don't end up with a lemon. Or, you could ask a friend to help you and if they would help you select a good deal, you could easily wind up with a terrific value for your dollar.

    3) Buying A MAC Instead Of An IBM Compatible PC.

    I really don't know much about the MAC as compared to the IBM compatible PC. I know that for people working in certain professions (like a Graphics Designer), there is just no question at all. Everyone in that industry (and several other similar industries) need a MAC and one could never use a PC. But, unfortunately, that is just about all I know about the differences between the MAC and PC. I would be very grateful for any advice or recommendations you could offer when it comes to getting a good value and saving some dollars.

    Would any of you have any suggestions?
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    osx is the most advanced operating system available... and it can be installed onto any computer running an intel chipset... the graphics cards and sound cards can cause some issues, but there are sites that tell you what is compatible and what's not.

    laptops are generally more expensive, but the top of the line models are usually way more than the average user needs.

    used pc's usually aren't worth the effort as a the prices are always dropping and the average components are always getting cheaper.

    best option: used mac (desktop or laptop)

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