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  • Bullying - drawing the line at the line of scrimmage?
    Page Not Found – Boston Herald
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    Wow? I had to reread this one. Those who have been around awhile who know me know that I was bullied in school, and & suffer from depression, blah blah blah. I honestly wouldn't trade my childhood for anyone else's since it's given me the insight I carry today. I hate bullies and I would never bully anyone, but this is another prime example of where we're going way over the line to protect peoples feelings.

    Basically, the article talks about how bullying must be stopped in the NFL (American football). My un-American friends can probably equate that to rugby or something... Strongman sports where bravado and aggression is expected.

    The article describes a player that's a guess a little to harsh for some of the other players, one in particular who's a bit more on the prissy side. The only thing I can see is if this guy was making racial slurs at the guy (white guy bulling a black guy), why wouldn't the guy pummel him into dust?? Two 300 pound linemen??? color shouldn't matter...

    c'mon, FOOTBALL?? PROFESSIONAL football where these guys are well paid and have the duty to be aggressive? really? What's next? I can see prisoners in jail suing other prisoners or the CO's for bullying them... Again, I was severely bullied, so I'm not talking about cases where the odds are stacked against the victim where he/she can't do anything and needs intervention (like some of these school, or online attacks)...each case on their on merits...

    I'm talking about common sense. Being bullied kinda trained me how to defend my self, and more importantly, how to recognize and stop bullying. I'll never forget those lessons. But some things are just expected... Bullying in football is almost as bad as bullying in warfare, it makes no god damned sense! I've been saddened at the NFL for becoming more pussyish, but this is unreal.

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