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  • Bully at school
    Hello. I go to an all girls school where the teachers all turn a blind eye to bullying, and would rather turn a blind eye to the victim even if they ask for help. A bunch of girls started sexually harassing me over the internet and I showed screenshot to my year advisor, and he did nothing. Just showing how caring my school is.
    Theres this new girl called Apurva. She is in every way arrogant and mean. She's in my maths class keeps making snide remarks at everyone. For example, I didn't understand something so I put my hand up and asked the teacher, she loudly said "I don't understand why that is so hard to understand, thats so stupid, like that is so easy"
    She keeps taking my food and my notes. I try to be civil, I give her my food, and before exams, she would walk up to people asking to review their notes, she would tell people to come over to her and "pass me your notes" and people would be like "huh?" and just hand it to her. She took mine, and I asked if I could see hers in return and all she did was put her hand in my face to make to shut up. A few minutes later, I asked for them back, because I needed to study, and it was before a test, so she literally like brushed my notes away to me in a flicking action and moved on to another person. A few weeks ago, she had rubbish on her desk and she flicked it at the back of my head. I turned around and I was like what the hell and she made a face like this: "so? what are you gonna do?"
    She is very mean to the teachers as well. She constantly tells the teachers their teaching methods are wrong and she challenges them. For example, in economics, she demanded that our teacher go complain to the principal on her behalf to change modern history on another day for our assessment block, since she didn't want to do two exams on the same day. She said "Miss, can you go to Mr deputy and tell him to change modern history to another day? I literally can't do economics and modern history on the same day, I just can't". Honey, you're not the only one who has to do two tests a day, you can't expect everything to work out for you. The teacher was shocked, everyone in class was shocked at her rudeness. And I broke the silence saying "No Miss, you don't have to if you don't want to, and if it's a hassle, its okay, its been finalised". So yeah she hates me even more, but I felt awful for Miss.
    She also has said before "How do you even teach demand without supply? That doesn't work" (it does) and went into like a full two minute argument about how stupid it is. Honestly, you're the one who came from a non-selective academic school to this school, it was your choice to come here, don't act like we forced you to come to a 'bad school'.
    Funnily, one lesson, since she sits at the back, she usually does her tutor work instead of school work, and she looked up at the board where the teacher was writing stuff, and said (in maths) "Um no, thats the wrong method" and she walked to the front of the classroom and tried to teach the class the wrong method. Hilarious. But honestly, who does that.
    The reason why she doesn't pay attention in class is also because she says she has learnt it before and "school is a waste of time" because she is better than everyone else already. At the beginning of the year, we do very easy work, just as revision. We got some revision chapter exercises which we do and hand in for a book check, and she refused to do them. When the teacher said that he has reported a few year 12s for not doing their homework to the head teacher, she quietened down and agreed to do them. However, halfway through the lesson, she put up her name and said "sir, can I get something my level?"
    Like honey, you're awful.
    One time, at the beginning of the year, after an exam, we came out and people were talking about the last question, including her. I somehow solved it, and she told me to teach her, and I did, and she said "No that technique doesn't exist, thats wrong" and I said "It does, check online" and she said "No it doesn't I never heard of it"
    She is a condescending bully, who calls everyone stupid and refuses to accept other people's methods. She wants to become a doctor I hear, but she would make an awful one, since she evidently lacks empathy, and basic manners.
    Thanks for listening, I'm glad I got this off my chest.
    there's not much you can do without a backbone.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    1. Bully her back.
    2. Ignore her.
    3. Change school.
    4. Tell someone who can bet her up.
    5. Become something you are not.

    steven hawking
    My opinion: Empty barrels ring the loudest after all, she seems to pretend she knows everything and at the end of the day she's just desperately trying to cover the fact she knows nothing. Have a bit of pity in her and ignore her. She's just milking for attention and the more people pay attention to her, the more attention she'll want anyway.

    PS. You can teach demand without supply when introducing the concept in economics. I was also taught it that way. It simplifies things a bit and makes it easier to understand the concepts behind it.
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    The mad Wolf rages on.
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    You need to learn to become quick witted when she starts on you. For example, if she said something to me along the lines of that "how can you not understand?" comment, I would reply with "Yeah, I don't understand in the same way I don't understand your father not using protection."
    Just remember, it gets better after high school is over... It was so bad for me, I skipped a whole sememester of English and failed the term...

    I talked to a bully of mine in HS that made me want to almost kill myself or run away from home... He was like "I just wanted to get to know you, you seemed stuck up since you never said anything"... I never said anything because I was PETRIFIED to open my mouth... I knew I was different and didn't want to be ridiculed in what I said...but I was ridiculed anyway.

    He became my friend. I started working out and abusing steroids asa form of having people leave me alone...

    Ya, if I think about it, I can get depressed. not only what I went through, but the fact I know most of it was senseless...

    That's I guess what I am trying to relay. YES, defend yourself, talks shit back. sometimes that is all it takes...

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