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  • Breaking Up and Staying Friends
    Have you ever done it? Do you feel that is is possible?

    I've never really done it. I don't have a bunch of exes that I hate and that hate me, but actually hanging out would be weird to me, even years later.

    What do you think?
    no, not really.

    that would be almost like NOT breaking up
    BUT removing the kissing and the fucking from the relationship,
    leaving the rest as it was.

    you can say 'weird' again.
    I've done it several times,makes me wonder if my blabla is more appreciated than my dickBig Grin
    It's only weird when there's not much distance in the relationship. I get on with my exes but I keep a healthy emotional distance, you have to in order to get on with your life. I remain civil but respect their privacy, and I expect them to reciprocate. One ex kept asking me if I was seeing someone, and I told them it was none of their business, that they're not privy to my private life anymore.
    Worked for a while, yes. But then you move on and it gets .. weird. So you cut all ties.. But after a few years with no contact, it works fine.


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