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    I like healthy lifestyle so the breakfast comes first, breakfast should be very healthy containing nutritions and proteins because all the working of the day depends on your breakfast. I used to have fresh fruit juice and some veggie omelet at the breakfast. Having milk and bread butter is also a good thing.
    For me, any food that breaks the overnight fast is breakfast food. It could be gum, beer, pizza, burgers, anything. Also, breakfast is defined as my first meal after I wake up, and it's not necessarily eaten in the morning.

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    ^^ You're right. Breakfast is anything that breaks the overnight fast taken during sleeping, so a glass of water is technically breakfast.

    My breakfast this morning was coffee and a smoke. I've been up 5 hours and haven't eaten anything yet, and because I'm not actually hungry, I won't. Why should any of us conform to this obsession with stuffing food down our throats the moment we get up?

    Meh. I eat good the rest of the time anyway, and don't care for that birdseed crap when all I want is caffeine and nicotine. Muesli and yoghurt can go fuck themselves.

    Coffee and smoke = fuck yeah, it's breakfast. Big Grin
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    Annoyingly, I often don't get hungry until the late afternoon, which means that I keep more of the calories I consume, so when I eat breakfast it's normally light. A light breakfast, and a disgustingly massive dinnerBig Grin
    How about just a bowl of soup and some rice?

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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    There are many different "experts" who have many different theories and who have written books about the best way for people to eat.

    I've tried a few and one that made a lot of sense to me was called "Fit For Life". It contains a whole lot of recepies but it also contains a unique theory for the way the human body works.

    To summarize:

    1) Between 7am and 3pm the body wants to eliminate foods consumed the previous day. During this time, people should only eat fruits and fruit juices which helps in the elimination of body waste.
    2) Between 3pm and 11pm the body wants to absorb foods. This is the time to eat.
    3) Between 11pm and 7am the body wants to sleep.

    On first reading, I know this seems pretty strange. But you can't really tell how your body will react to it unless you try it.

    Anyway, according to these people, the only things they eat for breakfast are fruit juices and fresh fruits.

    They are very big on home juicing. I tried 3 or 4 different juicing machines. They all burned out from making carrot juice. Then I bought one called the "Champion Juicer". It could run for years without burning out. It is the best juicer ever made. It is just a huge motor turned on its side connected to a juicing attachment. Simple but beautiful and effective. Genius design.

    By the way, the most important thing I got from trying this book was that I love carrot juice and have loved it ever since I first tried it.

    I can't understand how so many people turn their noses up at the mention of carrot juice. I figure most of them have never tried it. If you make it fresh, it is sweet and delicious and one of the very best foods you can ever consume.
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    Actually, it depends on your circadian rhythm. If you have altered your circadian rhythm, due to your job or other factors, then your body will be doing things at times different from the rest of us. Another reason those "experts" are wrong is that our body tries to eliminate our body waste at all hours of the day and night. This is way we all have to pee just after we wake up, or sometimes in the middle of the night. In general, it takes 24 hours for the body to digest and eliminate "solids" and 1 hour to digest and eliminate "liquids." If it takes significantly longer or shorter, then there is something wrong.

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    I eat muesli,tsampa ,honey and soymilk for breakfast

    consistency is the hobdob
    of small minds[
    Mine is usually bread and some hot beverage and a little fruit if possible.

    But once in a while I go out for a 'traditional' breakfast.
    As per survey here, it comes out tops for nutrition. It is really slurpy.

    The above survey missed out the popular 'Vada'. It usually accompanies the above dish.
    Vada Recipe

    Of course all this comes after the early morning coffee, which is un-substitutable.
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    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Doughnuts are unquestionably breakfast nourishment, sincerely i could contend it in any case, i don't figure grain ought to be named breakfast sustenance, my most loved time to eat oat is late during the evening, i additionally believe that the salesman that you check experienced more likely than not been PMS'in or something...

    Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things

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