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  • Discussion Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man's Thoughts Into Text
    This one is straight out of a sci-fi magazine. Apparently, they were able to implant a monitor on neurological pathways and interpret the signals, much as they do when grafting artificial hands and arms.

    With so much bullshit going on, today, it is good to see some good things happening, too.

    Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed
    Man's Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy

    Quote:A man paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in 2007 has shown he can communicate his thoughts, thanks to a brain implant system that translates his imagined handwriting into actual text.
    In this case, the man – called T5 in the study, and who was 65 years of age at the time of the research – wasn't doing any actual writing, as his hand, along with all his limbs, had been paralyzed for several years.

    But during the experiment, reported in Nature earlier in the year, the man concentrated as if he were writing – effectively, thinking about making the letters with an imaginary pen and paper.

    As he did this, electrodes implanted in his motor cortex recorded signals of his brain activity, which were then interpreted by algorithms running on an external computer, decoding T5's imaginary pen trajectories, which mentally traced the 26 letters of the alphabet and some basic punctuation marks.
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