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  • Bradley Manning. Patriot or Traitor??
    Bradley Manning........ WikiLeaks......... "Rightous Kill" ??

    What's your thoughts?
    Bradley Manning

    I've tried all sorts to post the original file from the helicopter footage but all history has been block Smile Try yourself?! Smile

    WikiLeaks International Mirrors
    I can email you a flv of it I ripped with AnyDVD if you want . . .

    Wildcard is awesome.
    poor bastard,the way he's getting treated,he's just being used by everyone

    if you know that something is going on that you don't agree with or bothers you,leak it,nothing wrong with that
    (12-16-2011, 07:24 PM)Mark Wrote:  I can email you a flv of it I ripped with AnyDVD if you want . . .

    I have it. just very wary about posting it from my archives.
    The jury is still out with me on his innocence/guilt. I can see why (if he did) post it. It's disgusting, unjust and a stain on all agreements/treatys/ etc since 1944.
    His leaking (allegedly) of 100's of 1000's of confidential documents "muddy's the water" even more.

    And then when you throw Julian Assange into the equation...........

    I always look to history for the victors, as the victors write history.

    Iraq invasion with George Bush 1st e.g:

    They're killing infants in hospitals in their incubators. (Adapted footage of this was "flashed" around the world by the big networks).

    Iraq invasion with George Bush 2nd:

    We will find the WMD. (NOT!!!)

    Although i believe that this war (any war) could have been avoided through diplomacy and patience. I do believe that his trial is playing to the "patriots" of the USA. that's just IMO from an outsider looking in!!

    Big GrinCoolBig Grin

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