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  • Boston Marathon Bombing
    I've been thinking about the Boston Marathon Bombings and I'm sorry to say that I think as time goes by, the terrorists gain the ability to commit more and more of these actions. As far as I can see, America hasn't done very much to stop them and, sad to say, I can't think of anything she can do.

    I fear that as time goes by, the USA will suffer more and more of these attacks.

    I sure do wish I knew what to suggest to put an end to them or even to discourage them. But I don't. It seems like the things that have made America great (such as personal liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of association are the very things these scumbags are using against her.

    I sure would love to hear any suggestions any of you may have to discourage these things.

    And please forget about the obvious things such as, cut off their dicks, gouge out their eyes, crucify them, etc. Those things really don't stop them and just make martyrs out of them to their fellow scumbags.
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    There is one thing that terrorist loves more then other stuff, and that is attention.

    You think maybe it would be better if we did not start any threads about the bombing?

    I can understand that point of view.

    I had been wondering why there were no threads about this event.
    In my opinion, the terrorists are simply poking the bear to get a reaction. They know that they're not going to take over the country with these types of attacks, and saying that the people who protect us from these kind of attacks are protecting our freedom is ludicrous. What happens is, there's an attack, people flip out, congress notices that we're distracted, congress passes laws within laws that slowly eat away our freedoms.

    Better way to handle terrorism, an attack happens, it's not widely publicized, if the terrorists don't die in the attack hunt them down and kill them which is also not widely publicized. After several attacks are dealt with in this manner, there will be no more terrorism.

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    Two radicalized Muslim brothers set off a couple of bombs.
    The police and media go into a feeding frenzy.
    The end result is that 300 million Americans end up with less freedom,
    since the incident will be used to justify more "big brother" surveillance of everyone by the government.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    what to do about it?
    change your view of the world
    change your approach to foreign policy
    stop your support for oppressive regimes
    go at it with a more humane sort of angle

    and i agree with VF

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