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  • Music Bon Jovi, not dead
    [Image: 800px-Jon_Bon_Jovi.jpg]

    Last week rumors were flying around the Internet about singer Jon Bon Jovi had died. I've never been a huge Bon Jovi fan although I will admit to liking a couple of the songs. It was sad to hear, but this week it was confirmed that Jon Bon Jovi is not dead, bit it is possible that he is half way there.

    He is apparently living on a prayer and was not shot through the heart as of today's AP release. Mr. Bon Jovi's personal doctor, Aimafocken Lye-ya was quoted as saying, 'He'll make it. I swear!'

    Wildcard is awesome.

    No fucking censorship. Ever.
    why what happened to him
    no idea,publicity stunt maybe?
    Maybe, you never know. More likely it was just some internet blogger that made it up just to have something to talk about Confused

    Wildcard is awesome.
    like this place lol

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