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  • Bloom with a view: the many gaffes of Ukip's Godfrey
    Bloom with a view: the many gaffes of Ukip's Godfrey

    [Image: ioBMYIQ.jpg]

    Ukip (UK Independence Party)MEP Godfrey Bloom has called a group of women "sluts" at his party's conference.

    Mr Bloom also hit a reporter over the head after being asked why the conference brochure did not feature any black faces on its cover.

    Ukip chairman Steve Crowther said Mr Bloom has had the party whip withdrawn, pending a formal disciplinary hearing. Ukip leader Nigel Farage described Mr Bloom's comments as "beyond the pale".

    It's the latest example of outspoken remarks and gestures from the member of the European parliament for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

    Here are some of his other outbursts:

    Women are better in 'the pantry' than driving cars

    In August 2013, Mr Bloom said that women are more suited to finding "mustard in the pantry" than driving cars. He insisted that while some women can perform tasks suited to men, "it is not the norm."

    He made the comments in an article for the website politics.co.uk, in which he outlined his views on gender politics and the roles of men and women in society.

    He described male supporters of feminism as "slightly effete politically correct chaps who get sand kicked in their face on the beach," while characterising himself as an alpha male who "would not be caught dead at a birth of a baby" and would be "happy to punch the first man who tries to steal my beer."

    He did concede, however, that his wife can "reverse a horsebox through a narrow passageway better than most men."

    'Bongo Bongo land'

    Earlier that same month Mr Bloom was criticised for using the phrase "Bongo Bongo land".

    In footage obtained by the Guardian, recorded at a meeting in Wordsley, West Midlands, Mr Bloom said: "How we can possibly be giving £1bn a month, when we're in this sort of debt, to Bongo Bongo Land is completely beyond me."

    He later told the BBC it would be "absurd" and "ridiculous" to label his comments racist, and claimed Bongo Bongo Land was "a figment of people's imagination. It's like Ruritania or the Third World".

    He added: "It's sad how anybody can be offended by a reference to a country that doesn't exist."

    The comments later earned him a rebuke from his party. Chairman Steve Crowther said: "It's not in itself the right word to use and it could seem disparaging to people who come from foreign countries, and that's why I've asked him not to do it again."

    'I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough'

    In 2010 Mr Bloom was ejected from the European parliament for directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague.

    He refused to apologise to Socialist leader Martin Schulz for calling him an "undemocratic fascist''.

    The same year it emerged that lesbian Nikki Sinclaire, an independent MEP for the West Midlands, said Mr Bloom called her ''a queer'' as she passed him in the hallway of the parliament in Strasbourg.

    The following year, he said small firms would have to be "stark staring mad" to hire young women because of the risk of them taking maternity leave at a later date.

    Godfrey Bloom is currently a member of the European parliament's committee on women's rights and gender equality. Shortly after being appointed to the committee in 2004, Mr Bloom told an interviewer that: "no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age."

    He also told journalists he wanted to deal with women's issues because ''I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough''.

    'The sort of chap I used to beat up'

    In 2008 he had to be carried out of the parliamentary chamber by an intern after making a speech while drunk.

    And in 2009, he got into trouble for heckling a speech at London's Mansion House given by the head of the Financial Services Authority.

    In response, the Lord Mayor's office sent Ukip a letter, which read: "Mr Bloom will not be receiving any further invitations to [the] Mansion House... As to future events we will be seeking a different MEP from Ukip as a potential guest."

    Mr Bloom has described David Cameron, the UK prime minister, as "pigeon-chested; the sort of chap I used to beat up;" while Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, is a "vacuous young man with no experience of anything."

    Godfrey Bloom has been an MEP since 2004, and will be up for re-election next year.


    I'm at a loss for words. Bongo bongo land? WTF? And he has the cheek to call the reporter a racist! If this happened say, in america, I'd be shocked, but MPs in britain occasionally revert to being schoolboys and puff their chest up before election. This is nothing more than another publicity stunt for UKIP, but still.... women don't clean behind the fridge enough? Facepalm
    i agree.

    bongo bongo land does not exist, and i don't really see how it's a racist remark anyway. considering ukip's age, and profession, the only thing he seems guilty of is a lack of imagination.

    can you really not like a politician that waves nazi salutations at unsuspecting germans, makes drunken speeches in parliamentary chambers (whatever the fuck those are)... and hits reporters in the head for asking why black people weren't included in his political propaganda booklets? why not cut to the chase and ask him why unicorns and eskimos weren't included on the cover of the booklets too?

    i mean... really... this guy comes from a country that allows their politicians to construct moats around their houses.

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    (This post was last modified: 09-22-2013, 08:38 PM by LannisterHater.)

    Fistfull of xanax
    reductio ad absurdum, while not English, is the proper terminology used in debate or argument. it means, reduction to absurdity.

    to say it is a "straw man" argument would be incorrect.

    Fistfull of xanax
    I don't care about his politics, I just think he's hilarious. He's like the racist Benny Hill of politics, lacking any self-awarenessBig Grin
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    (10-07-2013, 05:29 AM)heslopian Wrote:  He's like the racist Benny Hill of politics,

    A very apt characterization of the man. Smile

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    ThanksSmile Though I'm sure if he thought my views mattered he'd just call me a queer, then try and beat me up with a rolled up Daily MailBig Grin
    I wonder how this guy ever got that far with attitudes like that

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