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  • Black Ops 3 Zombies Storyline *WARNING SPOILERS*
    So, if anyone on here is as involved in the Black Ops 3 Zombies storyline, i would like to know your theories for the next set of Treyarch Zombies maps, their EE's and also, the fabled Revelations Super EE.

    Now, I have dedicated a lot of time into looking at the storyline and figuring out what all is happening, what all could be happening, and what we are missing. Now, we were introduced to the Apothicons in Shadows of Evil, the first map. We fight against a character we knew as the Shadow Man, and also these three-headed Margwas. I noticed that the whole theme of the map seemed eerily familiar, and I looked back to my freshman year of high school to an english class I took, A Guide To H.P. Lovecraft's Universe and Mythos.


    I can't stress this enough.
    Now, we look at the ideas and concepts of the plot, we find the 1.0 characters from WAW and BO1 and we have to kill them and collect their souls to erase all alternate timelines, and secure a better future for the children, and our own characters.

    Whenever Nikoli refers to the "children" he is speaking about the child versions of our 2.0 character and i think that it is astonishing that they can think about that and be able to comprehend it.

    Anyway, back to the point. Jason Blundell is a mastermind and phenomenal storyteller, which is why i believe that in Revelations, when the Super EE is found it will be similar to what he designed in BO2 zombies with the Richthofen vs Maxis story and the survivors of the Moon incident in BO1.

    This is why i praise Treyarch and Jason Blundell, They found a way to literally connect eight years of story that seemed disconnected and very spotty, into one coherent storyline. Now, there are many storyline videos on youtube that cover how all this is connected and how everything works, but i am here to discuss Revelations and the potential for an alternate reality that may be created by OUR DECISION.

    Revelations in-and-of itself is an amazing concept and it was executed beautifully. Nacht Der Untoten, Kino Der Untoten, Shangra La, Origins, Der Eisendrache, Mob Of The Dead, Buried all colliding into one universe because of one man's weakness and lack of willpower, Maxis. We haven't seen ever in the zombies world, aside from a brain, a corpse, and pictures/sculptures, and when we finally do he, what happens? He fucks it all up and causes an invasion lead by the Apoticons and the Shadow Man (or Nyarlathotep as he is known in the H.P. mythos).

    Now my theory: What if in the Super EE, we fight against Monty for the Shadow Man, changing the entire outcome of the zombies storyline? Think about it, in reality we assume that the Shadow Man is the "bad guy" but what if the Apothicons are trying to change the world for the better, but our characters, and our own perception, was skewed in Monty's favor because of the events of SOE, and the blind loyalty to Richthofen and Maxis. I believe that there is a chance that Monty is actually the "evil omnipotent being" that we will need to try to take down to truly break the cycle that we have found our characters in. The Primus idea is a cycle that needs to be broken just like Mob Of The Dead, but we would need to kill Richthofen because of his loyalty to Maxis and his own agenda that seems to be in his favor indefinitely.

    That is my idea, i am really curious to see if anyone else on this site has any ideas about "The End Of Zombies" and what, if there is one, the Super EE is.

    "The entirety of the universe is fractured and broken. Something that you clowns hold more than at least some degree of responsibility for. Guess what? You're gonna fix it! Look, just do what you usually do. Listen out for radios and things, and I'll help wherever I can." - Dr. Monty.

    We need to set things right.

    Relationships are ropes. Love is a noose.

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