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    I logged into my bank account the other day and discovered that the credit limit on one of my credit cards had increased. Kind of strange considering I didn't request it. So I called my bank. I spoke to a nice young lady who sounded very nervous while defending the actions of the bank and claiming they had notified me, which they had not.  The only reason I was worried was because I thought I was a victim of identity theft or something.

    [Image: aNXWSvU.jpg]

    But once I realized that the bank had done this of their own accord it reminded me of the shady shit Wells Fargo did like opening new lines of credit and accounts for customers without their knowledge so that the Wells Fargo employees could meet arbitrary targets for account creation.
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    I've never heard the Wells Fargo thing before, but it doesn't come as a big shock.

    I haven't done business with a bank in quite a while. I use my local credit union and everything is better. Free checking, no fees, nice little app that allows me to do almost anything I need on the go.

    When I was with Regions Bank, they charged me like $12 a month and "neglected to tell me" that I only had to sign up and I could've had free checking all along. Angry When I realized that had happened, I made the move to a credit union and I have never looked back.
    Ya, When I lived in Waterbury I had Wells Fargo, where I got notification letters in the mail but I was not one of the accounts they fucked with...They were actually OK with me, but They don't have a branch when I moved back to Bristol so I changed to Santander, after 3 months, they gave me a $225 bonus as part of a promotion.

    As far as increases to Credit cards, they'll review your account every few months and increase if you meet guidelines...Or, they'll offer it if you want to cancel. Both situations have happened to me...
    The best account to have with a bank is a court blocked one. You can put money in, but for whatever reason the bank wants they can't take money out. Smile
    In the relation I have with my bank,I'm the shady one Cool
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