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    Do you know any? I know a few. I myself have been accused of being one since childhood. For example one of my friends told me I was getting Midway’s Pac Man (you remember that hand held game that looked like an arcade game). She said don’t say nothing and of course I wouldn’t betray my friend. But when we were at that party my mom handed me a present which I opened, and guess what it was???? YES I MIDWAY’s Pac Man, which is what I wanted … I was so happy in my excitement I said “hey Steph, you were right”…of course not thinking… (I don’t know if that’s a big mouth or just stupidity).

    Another time we were seniors, my friend Marc told me about a scheme about stealing credit cards, ordering stuff and having them sent to an address where they knew the people living there were on vacation. He was proud of himself and excited about getting his stuff. Next period, I told John, A mutual friend, what Marc said, because Marc didn’t tell me not to say anything, and we both trusted John. John’s face turns beat red…Man, That fucker told you what we were doing, you two got big mouths!

    Even today, when I worry or something is on my mind I tend to open up…I’ve been told my posts were too lengthy and not everyone needs to know what you are telling them.
    What do you think?? Are you a big mouth, or do you know any big mouths yourselves?? Me being a big mouth means no harm, I just want to know info…
    None of ya'll are big mouths huh, I find that extremely hard to believe...
    no,I'm a soft spoken well adjusted individual with no vices to speak of,we exist,you know
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    Thanks for posting in my uninteresting thread.

    SJ, I've held you in the highest regard in this circumstance. You're nothing but a great guy. And maybe your response in my thread is because you are too nice and felt bad that LZA once again posted uninteresting bullshit.
    I praise you for being a great human being!! and also my friend.
    well adjusted human being that is,you're welcome

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