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  • At least he honored her "till death did they part"
    Man Who Threw 'Death Party' For Wife
    Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison

    ohnson told investigators that his wife, Debra Lynn Johnson, 69, begged him to take her home to die in January — and they held a “death party” that included taking methamphetamine.

    During a days-long death party, the couple rocked out to their favorite song, Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health” — and abused meth.

    Johnson said his wife couldn’t eat or drink, so he used snow to wet her mouth. She had convulsions but wouldn’t let him call for help, he said.

    Less than two hours before she died, the pair had sex and she stopped convulsing and was at peace, he said.

    After she died, Johnson wrapped his bride in linen, “like the Bible told me to do,” he said.

    He was held in Brown County Jail on charges of criminal neglect and receiving stolen property with his bail set at $250,000.
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