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  • Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz
    I just took this test. It is not excessively difficult.
    I only got two of the 32 questions wrong.

    Are you smarter than an atheist? A religious quiz

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
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    test doesn't work beyond question 1 for me
    The test works fine.
    Just keep clicking the Next button.
    Each question is scored immediately after you answer it.
    Clicking the Next button again brings up the next question.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    72% correct... I'm just not versed deep enough into the religions to get some of the more obscure questions (although some I got wrong I think sould be basic knowledge)... Here are my answers hidden in the spoiler so others are not affected by what I write before they see:

      My incorrect responses

    • Jewish Sabbath begins on Friday (I put Sunday)

    • Bread and wine actually become blood and body (I put they were symbols)

    • Job was considered most obedient to god after suffering (I put Abraham, since I thought to give up your kid was a form of extreme suffering, but He was the answer in a subsequent question)....I actually knew job suffered alot...

    • Dahlmi lama was buddish, (I put hindu.) I guess I should have known that

    • Maimonides was Jewish (I put I didn't know) never heard of her

    • According to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, is a public school teacher permitted to read from the Bible as an example of literature? (I answered No, answer was yes)...

    • What was the name of the person whose writings and actions inspired the Protestant Reformation? (Answer was Martin Luther, I put Tomas Equanis) had no idea...

    • Which one of these preachers participated in the period of religious activity known as the First Great Awakening? (Jonathon Edwards, I put Charles Finney) , again, no idea.

    • Will you tell me the names of the first four books of the New Testament of the Bible, that is the Four Gospels? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (I put Matthew, James, Luke, John) That sequence question was dumb…but I guess not to someone who knows…
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    I missed the very first question Facepalm

    It was interesting for me. I found myself guessing on several of the questions pertaining to the dominant religion in a certain region. I got all the Christian and Jewish questions without thinking hard, though.
    no,doesn't work for me

    if you get too many wrong,do it again,you feel betterTongue
    nah, I don't care. I was raised in a Protestant family, but religion was never pushed down our throats. I never really bothered to look into religion until later in life.

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