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  • Are PC games being 'dumbed down' ?
    The Elder Scrolls : The Dumbing Down
    by samyoulonline

    Published on Dec 12, 2012

    Table of Contents for this video:
    00:10 Introduction
    01:21 The Premise
    02:17 Multi-platform Problems
    04:20 The Casual Gamer - Introduction
    05:49 What Bethesda Did Wrong
    06:51 The Casual Gamer - Main Arguments

    *** The Casual Gamer ***
    07:48 1) You Can't Fail - Introduction
    08:09 1a) Important People Can't Die
    09:46 1b) NPCs Can't Be Offended
    10:14 1c) You Can't Fail Quests
    10:53 1) You Can't Fail - Conclusion
    11:13 2) Faction Memberships Have No Consequences
    14:20 3) Choices Have Little Impact on The World
    15:41 4) Quest and Journal Systems
    20:32 5) Reduced NPC Conversations
    23:13 6) Oversimplified Puzzles
    26:53 7) Reduced Item Values

    30:55 The Conclusion
    I have noticed that the penalty for mistakes in games has been changing over the last 20 years . . . in Super Mario there wasn't even a fucking save option and so it was 3 ups and your out-- still somehow we all managed to make it to 8-4 and save our princess Togachu Toadstool.

    Now most games are set up to be constantly playable with minimal interruption-- this means that when you 'die' they want to get you back into game as quickly as possible. And God forbid some n00b gamer have to learn the valuable lesson of saving often-- instead games have autosave and (in games like The Elder Scrolls series) death is only a minor inconvenience to the gamer.

    I'm old so I have seen the progression of games from clever tests of skill to mindless time killers.

    To be honest, I prefer the old shit.
    i'm mostly a PES player. no one dies. ever. not even the referee. Sad
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