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  • Another 6 year old girl raped in India.
    Howrah, West Bengal:
    A 6 year old girl of Nischinda area of Howrah was allegedly raped by her neighbor who has been arrested today, police sources said.
    38-year-old Arun Agarwal had allegedly raped the girl on August 5 and had threatened her that if she told anyone about the incident, then he would kill her and her family.
    Fearing this, the girl hadn't told anyone about it.
    Yesterday, 17/8/2013, the girl fell ill and was rushed to the hospital where she disclosed the matter, the police said.

    The girl's family members then lodged a police complaint against Agarwal with the Nischinda police station under Howrah Police Commissionerate yesterday.
    The police today arrested Agarwal based on the complaint, the sources said adding further investigations were going on.

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