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  • An Episodic Hitman?
    What were Square Enix thinking? Well their belief is that by splitting their games up in to 'episodes' that trickle in by the month, they'll have better feedback and can work this feedback in to future episodes.

    My issue is not with their intentions but their implementation. I have not had a single issue with a Hitman game yet and even if I did, it's minimal and has been rectified in the next installation. Hitman doesn't need some ridiculous episodic setup to be a good game, and I can't fathom how they figured this was Hitmans next big step.

    I bought the game naively believing it'd be like it's prequels, I was disappointed when it ended over a tutorial and an introduction to Paris. Don't get me wrong, the game itself is great, everything feels fresh and refined but to figure out that I can't continue the game until next month is a kick in the teeth. Sure if I'd known I could wait until the game is complete and buy it then but why should we (the gamers) have to do this?

    Simply put I feel far too many business men are getting involved with how developers work their magic, there's an awful lot of greed and this revolves around DLC, Premium packages, In-game purchases, EA ACCESS, the industry is over saturated with this drivel and it's lead to some of the most stupid decisions... Maybe even Episodic crap like this.

    Anyway I'm getting off-topic. So what are your feelings on not only episodic games but also the direction the industry is taking?
    Nothing more than a cash grab.

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