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  • Food Amy's Baking Company closed earlier this year?!
    I was about to write a rant about this restaurant still being open, so I wanted to look up the year the Kitchen Nightmares episode went out. Then to my surprise and delight I saw an article informing that ABC had closed earlier this year. Finally, karma had the good grace to show up, and no I do not mean TNA's Awesome Kong.

    For those of you who saw the episode, several things will stand out, not least the fact that this was the only nightmare Gordon Ramsay walked away from. The forcible eviction and verbal abuse thrown at a group of customers sticks in my mind, Samy pocketing servers' tips and the sacking of a server for apparently nothing, this is before we even get down to the food.

    I do apologize to anyone if this is indeed old news, but to me this is something both shocking and extraordinary. Amy and Samy to add to my delight are both doing time for drug and hate crime offences. Good riddance to them! Any thoughts you guys have and want to add?

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