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  • Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murder In Fatal Shooting Of Neighbor Botham Jean
    Quote:Former Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murder Tuesday for fatally shooting her neighbor, Botham Jean, after thinking he was an intruder when she mistakenly entered his apartment.

    Guyger, who has been out on a $300,000 bond, faces a maximum of life in prison. She was not immediately taken into custody and the sentencing phase in her trial began Tuesday afternoon with opening statements from Jean's mother.

    A gasp could be heard in the packed courtroom when state District Judge Tammy Kemp read the jury's decision. Jean's family later walked out crying and embracing, many wearing red — the victim's favorite color.

    Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murder
    At Trial In Fatal Shooting Of Neighbor Botham Jean
    Just an update: she was sentenced to 10 years.

    Emotions Run High In And Outside Of
    Courtroom After Amber Guyger Sentenced To 10 Years For...
    This is why religion has its good points. Not believing in religion like he does, I take my hat off to him for being better than it all.

    I know things happen for a reason... Maybe it was a test to prove the brothers love...

    I'm playing catch up with the facts, but am I correct in knowing she killed him by going to the wrong apartment??? Thinking it was hers??

    Maybe not racist by hate, but either racist by stupidity or just plain stupid...

    I guess I can be racist by stupidity as well... Not really hateful, but playing the stereotypical odds... Even one of my closest friends who is black proved the stereotypes right... I'm sure I proved stereotypes for white people right too... Let's face it, what I'm admitting is probably done by the majority of the people of all colors regardless if they admit the same thing or not.

    So she just seems aloof to her surroundings, and to the fact that as a cop, she should be more aware of her surroundings, like where her apt actually is... So she's more stupid than evil.

    The brothers actions is a clue in how EVERYONE can be a better human, regardless of religious affiliation or not.
    I'm sorry, but I would not have given that bitch a hug. No way. After she got up there and turned on the waterworks, perhaps he was fooled, but I am not.

    She murdered that man. The end. She did it on purpose and then along with the other officers in her precinct, attempted to defame him and paint him as a drug dealer. The problem is, the jury saw through the horseshit.

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